Should You Buy Crypto in a Downmarket?


Cryptocurrency can be a volatile investment. Prices can swing wildly in a matter of hours or days, making it difficult for individuals to know when to buy or sell.However, downturns in the market can be the perfect time to buy crypto. Here’s why:Lower PricesDuring a downmarket, crypto prices are generally lower than during a bullish market. This

How I Missed The Early Days Of Bitcoin


This is an opinion editorial by Enza Coin, a Bitcoin-focused investor and content creator.The other day I was looking through my closet and found a pair of my old FitFlops. Does anyone remember these? FitFlops sold for some $100 and promised to work your legs into shape just by walking. Seeing them made me recall

Top Crypto Predictions For 2023

crypto chart

Introduction As we approach 2023, we can start preparing our funds for major crypto investments. The projects are looking as solid as ever, and the crypto crash that occurred a couple of months ago is a distant memory. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are still the leading figures in every crypto-related conversation, other lesser-known cryptocurrencies are …

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How To Spot The Best Crypto Investment Opportunities

crypto investment tips

Introduction Successful investors don’t heavily rely on luck. Instead, one major reason for their success is due to the fact that they had the foresight to spot the best investment opportunities. This is particularly true when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Initial bitcoin investors, for example, are now extremely wealthy. There are now nine cryptocurrency billionaires …

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Tax Benefits for Investing in Oil

oil investing

Introduction Investing in the fuel industry is a great venture, especially for portfolio diversification. This is because it comes with lots of benefits such as a high return on investment, a strong and consistent cash flow, and high investment life. Government support in form of oil investment tax benefits is the greatest of them all. …

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4 Things Every New Crypto Investor Must Know About Trading Bots

trading bots

Introduction Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile digital asset in the financial community. So, many people have become interested in trading crypto for maximized profits. However, its volatility can make trading more difficult and riskier. Since the asset’s price tends to fluctuate drastically within seconds, investors fail to get trade at the best prices. As a …

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Cryptocurrency Investing Tips: Creating a Successful Crypto Investment Plan

crypto investing tips

Introduction Investing in cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed over the years, as it’s one of the most in-demand currencies in the world. At this time, there’s about $2.48 trillion worth of crypto out in public. Some have reaped the benefits of crypto investment profits over the years; you may see this and want in on the action. To do …

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I Wandered Lonely As A Bitcoin Mining Investor


This Christmas, enjoy a poem that shows the transformation of the bitcoin mining investment sector.I wandered lonely as an investorThat floated around the mining sectorFirst came Hut 8, Riot, Argo and HiveBarely struggling to remain aliveWaiting for them to have bloomed2021 was the year they moonedAlong came Marathon, DMG and BitfarmsThese new names had their…

Bitcoin IRA for Beginners

bitcoin ira

Introduction Since digital currencies appeared on the market, many dilemmas have arisen regarding these intangible assets. As coins have evolved and their numbers have increased, so have people learn more about them. Today, when everything is more or less known, cryptocurrencies have become an interesting (and profitable) method of saving. At the following link, you …

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