Atomic Wallet exploited, users report loss of entire portfolios


Several users on Twitter have reported losses of crypto assets, claiming funds held on the Atomic Wallet app vanished. Atomic Wallet has been apparently exploited, with users on Twitter reporting complete losses of their crypto portfolios. Atomic is a noncustodial-decentralized wallet, meaning users are responsible for assets stored in the application. “We have received reports of

Stop shoving crypto ‘down people’s throats’ — Pudgy Penguins CEO on NFTs


Luca Netz suggested that Pudgy Penguins is pushing for Web3/blockchain as a “back end not front end” approach, as it makes its IP as accessible as possible. The CEO of Pudgy Penguins — a nonfungible token project that recently launched a line of “phygitals” on Amazon despite the bear market — has offered one piece

USDT market share jumps amid economic uncertainty, USDC shrinks


Over the past year, Circle’s USD Coin has seen its market share decline from 34.88% to 23.05%. Tether’s USDT shows a contrasting picture. The market dominance of stablecoins pegged to the United States dollar has undergone some changes over the past year. While most of them are in a downward trend, Tether (USDT) has climbed

Blockchain technology platform Bakkt looks toward Europe after MiCA


Bakkt’s chief product officer, Dan O’Prey, expressed his optimism about the future of Bitcoin and the company’s outlook on regulated markets when he chatted with Cointelegraph at Bitcoin 2023. The international regulatory environment for cryptocurrency is improving, and the company is eyeing a retail expansion on the continent, Bakkt chief product officer Dan O’Prey said.

Bancor DAO hit with class-action suit over impermanent loss protection promises


The pioneering DAO allegedly offered “risk-free” products that cost American retail investors tens of millions of dollars in losses. A group of investors has filed a class-action suit against the Bancor decentralized autonomous organization (DAO); its operator, BProtocol Foundation; and its founders in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas. The

Ethereum’s Beacon Chain is updated after finality issues


Ethereum core developers released patches for Prysm Labs and Teku clients in response to a Beacon Chain issue preventing block finalization. Ethereum core developers rolled out patches for Prysm Labs and Teku clients as a response to two Beacon Chain finality issues within a 24-hour period. The Beacon Chain serves as the consensus layer for

Ethereum derivatives flirting with bearishness: Mind the $1,820 support


The failed rally above $2,000 on May 6 has proven that ETH bulls are nowhere near comfortable adding leveraged longs. After a brief overshoot above $2,000 on May 6, the Ether (ETH) price has returned to the tight range between $1,820 and $1,950, which has been the norm for the past three weeks.According to the

5 cryptocurrencies with the best upside potential in the week ahead


Bitcoin and Ethereum’s ETH are finding buyers at lower levels, which may be a bullish sign for XMR, OKB and RPL. Bitcoin’s (BTC) volatility has shrunk further this week and it is on track to form an inside-bar pattern on the weekly chart. Although the bulls are finding it difficult to clear the overhead hurdle

FTX bankruptcy judge approves sale of LedgerX


The judge said he read all the papers and declarations related to the FTX debtors’ motion for the sale of LedgerX and was “satisfied” with the proceedings. The judge presiding over crypto exchange FTX’s bankruptcy case has given the green light to a motion allowing the sale of LedgerX.In a May 4 hearing in United

Blur introduces NFT perpetual lending protocol


Borrowing positions automatically roll their expiry, and can be refinanced should one party unilaterally decide to terminate. On May 1, nonfungible tokens marketplace Blur launched Blend, a peer-to-peer perpetual lending protocol that supports NFT collateral. Developed with venture capital firm Paradigm, developers cite Blend’s rationale as a means of “financialization to scale.”4/ Every trillion dollar

Tax law researchers propose IRS framework for deducting crypto losses


A recently published study appears to advocate for the isolation of crypto assets from other tax deductions where losses are concerned. Researchers at Indiana University and the University of Maine recently published a study examining the current state of cryptocurrency tax law in the United States. The research concludes with recommendations for the Internal Revenue

Bitcoin’s price is down 10% — New bear market or correction?


On this week’s episode of The Market Report, Cointelegraph’s resident expert discusses if the latest price of Bitcoin is a sign of a new bear market starting or just a healthy correction. In today’s Market Report episode, analyst and writer Marcel Pechman covers the potential triggers to move Bitcoin’s price away from $27,000, including the

Gemini to launch derivatives platform outside the United States


The platform’s first derivatives contract will be a BTC perpetual contract denominated in Gemini Dollar, followed by an ETH/GUSD perpetual contract. United States-based crypto exchange Gemini announced on April 21 the upcoming launch of a derivatives platform outside the United States. The move comes amid a tightening, uncertain regulatory environment for crypto firms in the

Why is the crypto market down today?


The crypto market is down today, paring Ethereum’s post-Shapella rally with the total cryptocurrency market capitalization losing nearly 4% in 24 hours. Right as some analysts thought that Bitcoin (BTC) was on the cusp of confirming a new bull market, the cryptocurrency market took a downturn amid regulatory uncertainty and signs of weakening macroeconomic conditions. Crypto

Hundred Finance loses $7 million in Optimism hack


The attacker reportedly manipulated the exchange rate between ERC-20 tokens and hTOKENS to steal over $7 million from the protocol. Multichain lending protocol Hundred Finance has experienced a significant security breach on the Ethereum layer-2 blockchain Optimism. According to the protocol on Twitter, the losses sit at $7.4 million.Hundred Finance announced the exploit on April

UK forms Bitcoin Policy org to boost BTC education and adoption


A Bitcoin-only policy organization in the United Kingdom seeks to steer a course for greater levels of Bitcoin adoption. God save our gracious coin, long live the coin. A team of entrepreneurs, environmentalists and Bitcoin (BTC) advocates have assembled to back Bitcoin in Britain.The Bitcoin Policy U.K. (BPUK) unites stakeholders, policymakers, environmentalists, tax specialists, Bitcoin

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