4 Things Every New Crypto Investor Must Know About Trading Bots

trading bots


Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile digital asset in the financial community. So, many people have become interested in trading crypto for maximized profits. However, its volatility can make trading more difficult and riskier.

Since the asset’s price tends to fluctuate drastically within seconds, investors fail to get trade at the best prices. As a result, they miss their chances of generating profits. This is where the crypto trading bots come into play.

If you’re a new crypto investor, below are the four things you must know about trading bots:

1. Definition Of Trading Bots

Essentially, trading bots refer to programs used to automate the cryptocurrency trading processes. They perform certain functions by using technological advancements, like artificial intelligence, according to pre-determined parameters. Because of this technology, trading digital currencies can be done automatically and efficiently, reducing the risk of financial losses in the long run.

2. Types Of Trading Bots

As a new investor, it’s also essential to know the different types of trading bots available on the market. Doing so allows you to figure out which one will work best for your trading needs. Some common types of trading bots can include:

    • Trend Trading Bots: They consider the momentum of a particular digital asset and carry out a buy or sell position after analysis. When the trend demonstrates an increase in crypto price, the trend trading bots will execute a long position. When the price decreases, they’ll enter a short trade position as well. Moreover, these trading bots can help determine a trend by taking into account certain factors, including chart patterns, technical indicators, and trend lines.
    • Arbitrage Bots: They’re used to know the difference between cryptocurrencies’ prices in various markets. Thus, with these bots, you can sell crypto at a higher price and later buy it when it has a lower price.
    • Market Maker Bots: They help execute a trade with a price that’s different from the market price, thereby making a market for trading. They look for markets with better spread around the clock, giving an investor like you a significant advantage when trading.
    • Coin Lending Bots: They allow you to earn profits by lending coins to margin traders who pay the loan with a specific percentage. With these bots, you can build your trading strategy by stopping lending once the threshold on interest rates is reached and setting up a date when you want your coins returned.

With the increasing popularity of crypto trading, different types of trading bots can be utilized to get the most of profits, depending on the investor’s needs and requirements. Hence, if you’re new to crypto trading, it’s time to choose an appropriate one by checking out a list of free bots on Increditools and other review websites.

3. Essential Components Of Trading Bots

Trading bots aren’t tricky to operate. They communicate with certain cryptocurrency trading platforms and place trades based on pre-existing conditions. For instance, a trading bot is authorized to access an investor’s account using the Application Program Interface (API).

But to better understand how trading bots work, you have to familiarize yourself with the essential components of these programs. These can include:

    • Signal Generator: This trading bot component usually performs the trader’s work. It’s used to determine and predict potential best trades according to certain factors, such as technical analysis indicators and market data.
    • Risk Allocation: This component is responsible for allocating the risk based on specific parameters, including the extent to which your funds are assigned during trading.
    • Execution: This trading bot component is in charge of buying and selling cryptocurrency based on the signals generated by the system.

4. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Trading Bots

Like other technologies in the crypto market, trading bots have upsides and downsides that every new investor should be wary of. By knowing these things, you can decide whether using one is the best for your situation. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of using trading bots:


    • More Efficiency 

Using bots when trading cryptocurrency is much more efficient than manually executing the trades. For instance, the possibility of errors and delays is reduced because the trading bots will handle the job for you. As long as these automated programs work on the appropriate algorithms and data, you can earn more money when trading.

    • No Emotions Involved  

In most cases, investors lose their money because they let emotions overpower them while doing trading. Due to crypto’s volatility, emotions arise, resulting in irrational decisions. But with the use of certain trading bots, you can ensure an emotionless trading experience. Since the bots place the trades on your behalf, their trading actions aren’t influenced by any emotions from you.

    • Round-The-Clock Crypto Trading

As a new investor, you want to be completely hands on with your crypto trading efforts. Unfortunately, you have responsibilities to fulfill, such as your job or chores.

This is one of the advantages of using trading bots. With this software, you can carry out trades round the clock. While you rest at night, the bots will do the trick without compromising your ability to earn more profits.


    • Supervision Still Needed  

Although crypto trading bots automate the tasks for you, it doesn’t mean you won’t check in regularly to know how they’re doing. As such, you’re still required to do some supervision to achieve a more favorable outcome.

    • Security Issues  

Trading bots place crypto trades by using API. However, this approach isn’t secure enough because there’s no manual input needed from you. Since blockchain is secure, cybercriminals will more likely target bots with potential security weaknesses that’ll expose your investments to financial losses. Because of this, you should look for ways to minimize the risks and make the most of profits, such as being careful about your API keys.

The Bottom Line

As a new crypto investor, you probably think about using trading bots to streamline your trades and improve your chances of getting more profits. However, before exploring these automated programs, it’s essential to learn everything about them to ensure a positive outcome. The more you know about trading bots, the better you can decide on your trading journey.

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