Public miners increased Bitcoin production, hash rate in January


Core Scientific, Riot, and CleanSpark led the way in increasing Bitcoin production in January helped by better weather conditions and stable electricity prices. The first production update of 2023 from publicly listed Bitcoin (BTC) mining companies shows a steady increase in hash rate and a surge in BTC production compared to the previous month, according

Bitcoin mining pool reports $3M cyberattack$3m-cyberattack, the seventh-largest Bitcoin mining pool, said that its client fund services are unaffected by the recent $3 million cyberattack. Major cryptocurrency mining pool has suffered a cyberattack resulting in a significant loss of funds by the company and its experienced a cyberattack on Dec. 3, with attackers stealing around $700,000 in client

Record hash rates may see Big Oil become a major BTC mining player


Big Oil’s influence over the Bitcoin network is growing stronger due to surging hash rates and distressed mining companies. Surging Bitcoin (BTC) network hash rates are causing problems for mining companies but might be rolling out the red carpet for energy giants.The Bitcoin hash rate, the amount of computing power given to the blockchain through

3 charts showing this Bitcoin price drop is unlike summer 2021


Bitcoin looks like a different planet this year, according to several popular on-chain metrics. Bitcoin (BTC) bear markets come in many shapes and sizes, but this one has given many reason to panic.BTC has been described as facing “a bear of historic proportions” in 2022, but just one year ago, a similar feeling of doom…

Bitcoin daily mining revenue slumped in May to eleven-month low


Bitcoin miners have had a tough month, with revenue and profitability tanking in May. Hash rates remain high, however. Bitcoin (BTC) mining revenue and profitability have continued to slide along with the asset’s price this year as the crypto winter deepens.May has been one of the worst months for Bitcoin miners in the past year…

How Bitcoin Fixes The Impact Of Illegal Gold Mining In The Amazon


Illegal gold miners will cease their operations when gold is no longer as valued as bitcoin, solving the destruction of ecosystems in the Amazon.Puerto Maldonado in Peru’s Madre de Dios province feels like a frontier town. Dusty streets, ramshackle buildings, new construction and the hustle and bustle of people who want to make it. Tourists…

So You Just Bought Some Bitcoin, Now What?


There are three primary ways to take your Bitcoin participation to the next level: secure your keys, run a node and start mining from home.Congratulations and welcome to the Bitcoin network! This is the beginning of an exciting adventure full of countless resources, lots of helpful mentors and online friends who can become in-person friends…

I Wandered Lonely As A Bitcoin Mining Investor


This Christmas, enjoy a poem that shows the transformation of the bitcoin mining investment sector.I wandered lonely as an investorThat floated around the mining sectorFirst came Hut 8, Riot, Argo and HiveBarely struggling to remain aliveWaiting for them to have bloomed2021 was the year they moonedAlong came Marathon, DMG and BitfarmsThese new names had their…

Bitcoin Is Seperate From “Crypto”


The difference between the two is becoming more and more apparent as bitcoin is poised to challenge the world’s monetary system.The below article was originally published in Marty’s Bent Issue #1069: “Bitcoin Is Separate From ‘Crypto'”There are many out there who believe that Bitcoin falls under the “crypto” umbrella. This could not be further from…

Green energy-focused Bitcoin miner Hive joins North American mining pool


Hive aims to take advantage of the east-to-west shift in Bitcoin mining power after regulators in China have renewed efforts to crack down on the industry. Following its approval for a Nasdaq listing, Canadian Hive Blockchain Technologies has bought more than 3,000 Bitcoin (BTC) mining rigs to get involved in the Bitcoin mining shift from…

‘We Want You,’ Pro-Bitcoin Senator Cynthia Lummis Invites Crypto Miners to Wyoming


U.S. lawmaker and bitcoin advocate Cynthia Lummis has indicated that cryptocurrency miners are welcome in Wyoming. In a recent interview, the senator defended bitcoin’s carbon footprint and later invited miners to her home state on social media. Crypto Mining Adapted to Non-Carbon Emitting Energy With the ongoing crackdown on cryptocurrency mining in China, companies in…

Nic Carter takes aim at claims Bitcoin is an environmental disaster


Carter argues that mining is concentrated in areas where there is an excess of energy. Coin Metrics co-founder Nic Carter has produced a well-researched rebuttal to some of the key claims suggesting power-hungry Bitcoin mining is causing an environmental disaster.In an in-depth article called Noahbjectivity on Bitcoin mining penned on March 30, the Castle Island…

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