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Exchange, DeFi and metaverse tokens were hit hard in the second quarter of 2023 while Bitcoin continued to make gains. The second quarter of the year has been a solid one for Bitcoin’s performance as its market dominance gained against altcoins, which “bled” throughout the quarter, according to CoinGecko.On July 18, the crypto data aggregator


Decentraland’s MANA has surged by over 20% in the week Most gains came when the metaverse platform announced an open-cross competition MANA’s long-term recovery remains tied to the crypto sentiment Decentraland’s (MANA/USD) rose by 12% over the weekend, taking the weekly gains to over 20%. The surprise gains come after a prolonged bear market that


ApeCoin gained 3% on Friday and remains green over the week ApeCoin will start to issue staking rewards on December 12 The cryptocurrency faces resistance approaching the upper limit of descending channel ApeCoin (APE/USD) staking functionality is no longer a dream – it’s a reality. Staking rewards are set to begin on December 12. Apes are


Optimism token has, alongside L2 Ethereum solutions been surging ahead of the Merge. Optimism witnessed strong fundamentals in July and August. OP could fall by a further 22%. Optimism OP/USD is a Layer-2 scaling for the Ethereum network. Its role is to facilitate less costly and quick transactions on Ethereum. Following the Ethereum Merge, eyes


Fantom token holds above $0.288 breakout support The cryptocurrency is strong but is stalling as most tokens endure market corrections. Investors should wait to buy FTM after a retracement, potentially towards $0.288 Fantom FTM/USD is one of the cryptocurrencies that has staged recoveries recently. The cryptocurrency breached key resistance at $0.288 following strong gains. The…


The cryptocurrency market seems to have found the bottom and is on a rebound. The total cryptocurrency market has jumped by 4% to $964 billion in under 24 hours. If the current momentum continues, the market could push through the trillion-dollar mark before the end of June. Most altcoins are already making double-digit gains signaling…


After the Terra collapse, increased risk perception could see AVAX outperform SOL. Key Points: Avalanche is a platform blockchain that can handle 4500 transactions per second. While it has a fast-growing ecosystem of Dapps, AVAX’s price has been affected by the correction in the broader crypto market.  Solana is one of the most scalable platform…


The crypto market saw one of its worse crashes in 2022 this week. The market has recovered slightly from these lows, with Bitcoin regaining $30,000 over the last few days. But why was this crash so devastating? Here are some reasons: The crash happened after months of negative sentiment in crypto. Economic and geopolitical conditions…


 The volatility of the crypto space has made gaining wealth in the 21st century easy. All you need to simply do is invest at a low and take your profit at a high, but we both know it can’t be this easy. Regardless, you are already searching for a coin you can buy out of…