US regulator touts to ‘aggressively police’ crypto in new report


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) says 20% of its enforcement actions were aimed at the digital assets market in the 2022 fiscal year. The U.S. commodities regulator certainly doesn’t want to look like it’s going easy on crypto, revealing it was behind 18 separate enforcement actions targeting digital assets in the 2022 fiscal year. In

Inverse Finance exploited again for $1.2M in flashloan oracle attack


No user funds have been affected by the exploit, but Inverse Finance has incurred a debt and offered the attacker a bounty to return the stolen funds. Just two months after losing $15.6 million in a price oracle manipulation exploit, Inverse Finance has again been hit with a flashloan exploit that saw the attackers make…

Any dip buyers left? Bulls are largely absent as the total crypto market cap drops to $1.65T


Weak retail demand and bearish derivatives data reflect a dismal short-term outlook for the crypto market. The total crypto market capitalization has been trading within a descending channel for 24 days and the $1.65 trillion support was retested on May 6. The drop to $1.65 trillion was followed by Bitcoin (BTC) reaching $35,550, its lowest…

What is impermanent loss and how to avoid it?


Read this guide to understand the risk, known as impermanent loss (IL), that liquidity providers take in exchange for fees earned in liquidity pools. How to avoid impermanent loss?Liquidity providers cannot avoid impermanent loss completely. However, they can use some measures to mitigate this risk such as using stablecoin pairs and avoiding volatile pairs.One strategy…

Altcoin Roundup: Stablecoin pools could be the next frontier for DeFi


The days of 4,000% APY on DeFi liquidity pools could soon be replaced by safer, lower-yielding stablecoin-denominated pools. In times like these, when the entire cryptocurrency market is down and there is nary a sector-wide runup to be found, traders have to dig into data to see how the market dynamics may have changed to…

Altcoin Roundup: Post-crash prices give investors a chance to build a diversified portfolio


Looking to build a diversified crypto portfolio? DeFi, stablecoins and oracles are three cornerstone sectors to consider. Welcome to Cointelegraph Market’s Altcoin Roundup, an in-depth newsletter that focuses on investing from the perspective of fundamental analysis and seeks to identify emerging blockchain projects and tokens that fill niche demands within the growing cryptocurrency market.The concept…

ICHI launches ‘Decentralized Monetary Authority’ for stablecoin issuance


The ICHI ecosystem has attracted several high-profile partners, including Solana, Moonbeam, SushiSwap, 1inch Network, Loopring and Bancor. Stablecoin issuing platform ICHI has launched a Decentralized Monetary Authority, or DMA, that enables cryptocurrency networks to more easily mint their own stablecoins securely. By utilizing ICHI’s DMA, cryptocurrency communities can create and govern their own fully-collateralized stablecoins and…

The way of the stablecoin: A journey toward stability, trust and decentralization


Stablecoins backed by fiat and other assets are increasingly gaining popularity, with many more solutions being brought onto the market each year. Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies have opened the doors to a whole new world of finance. In their most basic form, cryptocurrencies allow people to transact in a fully trustless, transparent and efficient…

‘How Can You Be Bearish?’ Asks Bitcoin Trader as Tether Surpasses $12B


The supply of Tether has surpassed $12 billion and this will likely only make traders more bullish on the price of Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies. The market capitalization of Tether (USDT) surpassed $12 billion as of Aug. 14, according to cryptocurrency market analytics firm Coinmetrics. Meanwhile, some believe the rapidly-rising valuation of the dominant stablecoin…

Buy, swap, and earn interest on USDT (Tether) in the Blockchain.com Wallet


We are pleased to announce that we’ve added USDT (Tether) to the Blockchain.com Wallet. Blockchain.com users can now buy USDT, swap other crypto for USDT, or simply send and receive USDT in the Wallet. And beginning next week, users will be able to deposit USDT into an Interest Account to start earning up to 7%…

Stablecoin on the Run


Research Primer on Tether (USDT)HIGHLIGHTSCreated in 2014, Tether (USDT) has remained the dominant and most widely used stablecoin and can be credited with kickstarting the stablecoin boom we analyzed in our 2018 and 2019 State of Stablecoins reportsSince early 2019 Tether has consistently ranked as a top-5 cryptocurrency in terms of market value and recently supplanted…

Turkish Real Estate Firm Antalya Homes Now Supports Bitcoin Payments


Turkish real estate firm Antalya Homes announced that its customers can now pay for properties listed on its platform with Bitcoin. Turkish real estate firm Antalya Homes announced that its customers can now pay for properties listed on its platform with Bitcoin (BTC).According to a June 15 announcement, Antalya Homes claims to have recorded the…

Poloniex, Bittrex Named in Lawsuit Involving the Alleged Tether-Fueled Crypto Pump


On April 3, the cryptocurrency community learned about 11 class-action lawsuits against various executives and digital asset companies. The law firm that filed the lawsuits is also involved with a class-action against Tether and Bitfinex for allegedly manipulating the price of bitcoin. On June 4, the plaintiffs and the litigation firm, Roche Cyrulnik Freedman added…

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