Big Bank Musical Chairs: Examining Bitcoin Through A Lens Of Price Manipulation


Bitcoin’s finite supply poses challenges to big banks’ traditional tactics of price manipulation.Part One: But This Is How We’ve Always Done Things …There is a great story floating around the web about a married couple and a ham (full story). In brief, the wife is preparing a ham for dinner and in doing so, cuts…

How A Crypto Marketing Agency Can Enhance Brand Awareness


Introduction More people have been going into cryptocurrency investment and trading. Aside from the highly popular cryptocurrencies, crypto technology has other applications such as crypto-collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFT) collectibles and artworks. Market analysts estimate that the trading of crypto-collectibles is now somewhere in the neighborhood of USD$6.54 billion. For those just starting their cryptocurrency …

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Bitcoin And The Downslope Of Network Effects


With the rise of Bitcoin’s network effects comes the equivalent demise in legacy finance’s network effects.Bitcoin’s price and ecosystem benefit from network effects.As more users join, demand pressure increases the price of bitcoin, which in turn attracts more buyers in a self-reinforcing cycle. Similarly, user growth creates a larger market with more liquidity, incentivizing businesses…

Welcoming Magic Carpet to

Having recently closed our acquisition, please join me in welcoming Magic Carpet to The Magic Carpet team brings extensive machine learning and AI expertise to our growing Institutional business.Founded in 2017, the company was the brainchild of Jean David Wurtz, Guillaume Pernelle, Daniel Baeriswyl and George Marangos-Gilks, who aimed to use deep machine learning…

NFT-collateralized loan platform Arcade raises $15M in funding round


Pantera Capital’s Lauren Stephanian said the platform’s collateralization of NFTs could incentivize participation from institutional investors. Arcade, a platform that allows users to utilize nonfungible tokens (NFTs) as loan collateral, has raised $15 million in a Series A funding round with participation from Pantera Capital.In a Wednesday announcement, Arcade said Pantera, Castle Island Ventures, Franklin…

Kevin O’Leary says he has ‘no interest in being a crypto cowboy’


Kevin O’Leary says consulting regulators is critical as it helps avoid litigation He recently said his portfolio holds nearly 10% in crypto  The “Shark Tank” investor is looking to invest up to 5% of his liquid cash in USDC and is also looking at various crypto assets, including Polygon, HBAR and Solana “Shark Tank” investor…

Twitter Crypto: The dedicated team aimed at exploring DApps and more


“We’ll be working to figure out what crypto can do for Twitter, as well as what Twitter can do for crypto,” said team lead Tess Rinearson. Social media giant Twitter is expanding further into the crypto space by setting up a team to look into decentralized applications, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.According to a Wednesday tweet, Interchain…

SEBA Bank launches program for users to earn yields on crypto


Customers can currently generate yields on Polkadot, Tezos and Cardano, but the bank said it planned to add more proof-of-stake protocols in the coming months. Customers of Swiss-based financial institution SEBA Bank will soon be able to earn yield on their crypto holdings.In an Oct. 13 announcement, SEBA Bank said investors could use its Bitcoin…

Strategies and Solutions to Common Start-up Challenges

business man stressed

Introduction Let’s face it; we’re living in an age where startups are exploding like never. Motivated entrepreneurs’ unbridled passion is unquestionably a force to be reckoned with. These people are not wasting any time proving their worth in this vibrant culture of creativity and technology. One feature that stands out in this tale of entrepreneurship …

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Intelligent Marketing Procurement 2021

procurement market intelligence

Introduction In today’s age and time, we need to maximize our profits by minimizing the costs related to it, and for this procurement market intelligence is essential. Intelligent market procurement means knowing about the right product, pricing, and placing. Besides, to help the business in making decisions and stay up-to-date, this step is essential. We …

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Things to Know About Cold Calling

cold call

Introduction Like any brand launch, launching a cryptocurrency business will require that you utilize many acquisition methods to connect with prospective customers. Cold calling is one such method. Cold calling is the sales call made by the customer service representative to a lead that is generated and turns them into a customer. At this point, …

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