Voice of Customer Research: Methodologies to Increase Customer Feedback

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It’s a fact that it costs associations multiple times more to draw in new clients than it does to retain current ones. The benefit of retaining existing clients over gaining new ones couldn’t possibly be more significant.

Understanding your clients and building a strong client relationship is a methodical, shrewd cycle. You can follow certain techniques to get answers you can rely on. To ensure they get the most from their research, organizations use various techniques.

Contacting your client is the main part of a viable VoC procedure. An effective procedure will give you the experiences you want to get client problems, complaints, and preferences. Now let’s discuss the methodologies to increase customer feedback. See this link https://resources.possiblenow.com/how-to-apply-voice-of-customer-research/ to learn more.

1. Customer Interviews

Client interviews are customary strategies to gather the voice of customer information. It is usually used to comprehend a specific client’s perspective regarding performance measures, attributes, and product or service issues.

You can decide to play out this with either a group of clients with certain similar ascribes or a specific customer. This is usually executed through email, on the phone, or face to face.

Face-to-face interviews are still considered the most useful form for building customer relationships. This is because clients see this sort of association as more personal. However, the cost of conducting the in-person interview is the highest among all other forms of interviews, but the expense is worth it.

2. Online Customer Surveys

One of the ideal ways of getting customer feedback is by conducting online customer surveys. These surveys make it easy for you to understand your clients well and address the issues they go through.

Nonetheless, if you don’t pose the proper inquiries with the assistance of the right platform, you may never find dependable solutions. That is the reason you want to place a ton of thought while planning your surveys. With some platforms, you can browse the various sorts of overviews accessible, for example, open-ended surveys, drop-down surveys, and multiple-choice surveys.

Customer feedback software is one more incredible instrument for setting up web-based surveys. With this device, your respondents are consequently associated with a particular contact in your CRM, which requires less manual work from your administration or VoC group. Click here to read more.

3. Live Chat

As per a study, 48% of individuals utilize live chat while contacting an organization.

Having a live talk option on your site is an incredible technique for gathering constant client criticism. It also diminishes your clients’ chance of feeling unsatisfied with your client service endeavors.

The utilization of live talk isn’t restricted to paying attention to client grievances and resolving them. It’s additionally a decent instrument to catch Voice of the Customer information. For this, you can plan a follow-up survey of the relative multitude of clients interfacing with you through a chat.

4. Social Media

Web-based media is a powerful element of the criticism cocktail, as it gives you the chance to have two-way correspondence with your clients.

The most usually utilized social platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. You can take advantage of relevant continuous discussions, associate with those clients by effectively taking part, or discreetly tune in (while taking notes).

The central strength of web-based media is that it permits you to have a more straightforward and continuous discussion with individuals utilizing your services or products.

While this is a decent method for social occasion input, search for patterns, and make stories. It could be more difficult to transform this into complex information. In any case, the potential gain to this is that you hear unfiltered input straightforwardly from clients.

5. Online Customer Reviews

Your internet-based reputation isn’t simply the consequence of what you create at your end – it includes all occurrences for which your business seems web-based, including on the web reviews. With online survey sites, it’s fundamental to comprehend their effect on your business and how you can utilize audits to procure your internet-based reputation.

Besides, 86% of guests wonder whether or not to buy from a business with negative online reviews. With such measurements, it becomes significant to guarantee positive audits and properly handle negative surveys.

6. Recorded Call Data

If you want to use historical information, recorded calls have proved helpful. Recorded calls with your customers can provide you with a comprehensive outline of how they view your company, what kind of protests they have, and what else they anticipate from the organization.

However much this strategy requires a forthright time investment, it is advisable to do this consistently. It will likewise assist you in preparing your customer care group with better handling of complaints, hence improving your customer service.


The factors mentioned above can help you greatly in escalating the feedback from your customers. Response from your clientele can help any organization provide better services to their customers. This will increase the volume of sales, eventually increasing the profit margin.

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