How A Crypto Marketing Agency Can Enhance Brand Awareness



More people have been going into cryptocurrency investment and trading. Aside from the highly popular cryptocurrencies, crypto technology has other applications such as crypto-collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFT) collectibles and artworks. Market analysts estimate that the trading of crypto-collectibles is now somewhere in the neighborhood of USD$6.54 billion.

For those just starting their cryptocurrency or crypto-collectibles project, this could be an opportunity to up the ante by launching their crypto brand awareness campaigns. Most of those serious about putting their brand on the map hire a crypto marketing agency to help them.

Four Ways a Crypto Marketing Agency Can Enhance Brand Awareness

Here are some ways in which brand awareness about a crypto product or cryptocurrency can be enhanced…

1. SEO Enhancement And Content Marketing Campaign

One of the ways a cryptocurrency marketing agency can enhance brand awareness is by launching a search engine optimization (SEO) enhancement and content marketing campaign for a client cryptocurrency project. Since the primary and immediate investors are people who are already familiar with digital money and cryptocurrency, it makes sense to increase a brand’s search engine ranking and visibility.

To lead potential investors to your NFT marketplace or investment exchange platforms, you’re going to need marketing magnets that can attract the right people. Also, content marketing can help enhance the market’s awareness of your brand and position it positively. A crypto marketing agency can launch a content marketing campaign to post highly-informative and interesting articles about your brand.

Using a content marketing strategy, a crypto marketing agency can tailor your campaign based on your target audience and the segment where you want to increase awareness about your crypto brand. They can also choose the content topics based on the analytics of what your target audience usually types in the search box and can choose the websites and online publications where your content articles will be posted and published.

2. Social Media Engagement

Another way by which a crypto advertising agency can greatly enhance brand awareness is through social media engagement. Millions of Americans might already have at least one social media account or page on one platform. There are even those who have more than one social media account on numerous platforms. It means that a large part of the marketplace is spending a significant amount of their time every day on their social media accounts. You need to tap into this huge audience if you want more people to know more about what you can offer.

A crypto marketing agency can enhance your brand awareness by leveraging the capabilities and functionalities of social media networks. One of the features that make a social media platform different from stand-alone websites is that people in social media are usually allowed to connect through their accounts. They can even form large communities by grouping themselves according to their interests and preferences.

You can tap into the huge amount of energy and interaction going on between and among the members of these social media communities. One of the best ways of doing this is by engaging some of your followers and buyers or investors on social media. What makes social media engagement an even more powerful brand awareness campaigning tool is that most of them have social sharing functionality buttons. It enables each social media account user on the platform to share write-ups about your brand in their network of friends and contacts.

Another form of engagement on social media is by responding to the comments and queries posted on your social media account or page wall. Some of these comments and questions may not seem very important. But you have to keep in mind that each user represents a potential network of around 2,000 other users. Their friends and contacts see what they post, and they’ll also see how you respond to their comments or queries. With the sharing button, every response you make can thus be seen by an audience of potentially 4 million other users.  

3. Influencer Marketing

Anyone can perhaps do SEO and content marketing, and even social media engagement on their own to enhance their brand awareness. A company might be able to set up its own internal teams to do these things for them. Some of them might even do a better job than hiring external teams or consultants. But there are certain things that are still better done by hiring a crypto marketing agency. Signing up influencers and social media celebrities to do some marketing for you is one of those things.

You might personally know or have some business contact with a few or a lot of social media influencers. But a crypto marketing agency is in the business specifically of deploying marketing resources, platforms, and assets to amplify their brand awareness and marketing campaign. Since they do these things for a living, most of them have already garnered a huge network of resources, contacts, and maybe even their own army of social media endorsers and influencers.

For one, they can take care of the negotiations on what social media influencers should do to promote your brand in a way that’s consistent with your own values and goals. With a crypto marketing agency, you’ll have the assurance that a group of professionals is managing your engagement with influencers in a way that’s consistent with the plan you have in mind on how to enhance your brand awareness in the market.

4. Leverage PR Marketing

Crypto marketing agencies can also help a company’s brand awareness campaign by leveraging their contacts and networks in the more established news and media websites. And they can use their networks and contacts to launch a public relations (PR) marketing campaign for your brand. Some more reputable crypto marketing agencies have already established strong partnerships with these websites, publishing companies, and news organizations.

Using their strong connections with these established news and media organizations which often already have their large subscriber or viewership base, a crypto marketing agency can have positive news articles, blogs, and media reporting done for you to further enhance market awareness about your brand. They can have nice articles about your brand released to several news publications and networks in one go through news and press releases.


A crypto marketing agency can help to enhance the market’s awareness of a certain brand. They usually have resources, assets, network contacts, and industry expertise to tap the right people and right media organizations for your brand awareness and marketing campaign. Most of them are usually good at what they do and can be of help to crypto projects and NFT collectibles.

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