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Cybersecurity professional Christian Seifert gave an example on how Discord’s measure against malicious links can be abused by scammers. With millions of dollars worth of assets being lost to phishing attacks after signing malicious permissions, the threat of losing crypto assets from questionable links is very real. When these are paired with platforms allowing hidden


The attacker reportedly manipulated the exchange rate between ERC-20 tokens and hTOKENS to steal over $7 million from the protocol. Multichain lending protocol Hundred Finance has experienced a significant security breach on the Ethereum layer-2 blockchain Optimism. According to the protocol on Twitter, the losses sit at $7.4 million.Hundred Finance announced the exploit on April$3m-cyberattack, the seventh-largest Bitcoin mining pool, said that its client fund services are unaffected by the recent $3 million cyberattack. Major cryptocurrency mining pool has suffered a cyberattack resulting in a significant loss of funds by the company and its experienced a cyberattack on Dec. 3, with attackers stealing around $700,000 in client