Cryptocurrency vs Cannabis Investing

bitcoin vs cannabis investing


Back in 2017, cryptocurrency- specifically Bitcoin- was on every shareholder’s mind. It began the year valued at $1,013.13. Its worth then reduced in December at roughly $18,900 before lowering to $13,422.72 by the end of that month.

The following year, things changed and cannabis, or marijuana, took the spotlight. Canopy Growth and Cronos were the earliest two marijuana stocks to list on the New York Stock Exchange.

From their registries to March that year, Canopy had increased over 50%, and Cronos had developed almost 200%.

Thanks to the potent medicinal value of cannabis and popularity as a recreational product, you can easily purchase it in many countries and through a variety of vendors such as Just Cannabis Store.

Both cryptocurrency and cannabis have a tremendous effect on society, but based on numbers and popularity, you’re better off investing in one than the other.

A Brief Introduction to the Two

A cryptocurrency or ‘crypto’ is a virtual currency that individuals can use to purchase services and goods. It uses an online ledger with robust cryptography to secure online transactions.

There are over 6,700 various cryptocurrencies that traders trade publicly as per, a market research website.

Most organizations have issued their currencies, often referred to as tokens, and you can trade these for the service or good that the company offers. You’ll need to exchange real money for the cryptocurrency to access the product or service.

On the other hand, cannabis refers to a group of three herbs with psychoactive characteristics referred to as Cannabis indica, Cannabis ruderalis, and Cannabis sativa.

It contains over 100 components, but scientists have focused mainly on two specific ones, namely THC, or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD, or cannabidiol in full. THC will get you high, but CBD won’t.

More Growth in One

Some careful investors believe that marijuana will experience a similar downfall as crypto did. Worth close to $19,000 in medial-December of 2017, the value of Bitcoin has plummeted to roughly $3,500 only over 12 months after.

Legalization and easing stocks in various states enabled other organizations apart from Canopy Growth and Cronos to be listed on different stock exchanges. This provided the chance for an increase in operations in the cannabis industry.

It also made marijuana a worthwhile investment opportunity for those ready to take the giant leap.

Better Emerging Market

It’s clear that cryptocurrency isn’t where it was before. Time has provided it with a chance to develop into the minds of many and has seen various people in different areas of the world accept its use.

This truth has been similar for marijuana but even to a better degree. The developing decriminalization and acceptance of marijuana have witnessed the opening of various legal markets across the US.

More states are opening their borders for recreational and medical cannabis.  The FDA may still schedule marijuana as a Schedule 1 narcotic drug, but the industry continues enjoying immeasurable growth.

Medication Over Painfully-Slow Growth

When it comes to crypto, the growth process has been unbearably slow. In February of 2019, JP Morgan declared that it would launch the first US Bank-supported crypto, marking the elemental time a significant organization trod into the vacuum.

Meanwhile, cannabis has a medical application that catapults it to the next level. With additional research into the use of the herb and its cannabinoids, countless marijuana stocks proceed to rise as more stakeholders are involved.

Scientists have recently researched cannabis for certain illnesses such as:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Arthritis
  • Epilepsy
  • Depression

The presence of these developing medical applications further makes marijuana a more worthwhile investment than cryptocurrency.

This is because the continued development of the cannabis market protects it from fluctuations that are typical in cryptocurrency. The fluctuations make investors very wary and make a firm environment such as marijuana a better alternative.

Indicators are already looking positive as companies like GW Pharmaceuticals already have accepted cannabidiol-based drugs such as Epidiolex.

More Products Vs. Obscurity

Cryptocurrency has primarily dealt with anonymity, with individuals finding it difficult even to define it. Until now, most people don’t even know the inventor of Bitcoin. All these unknowns have caused once-interested investors to steer clear.

On the other hand, following marijuana’s growth and development, investors have seen the opportunity in it.

The cannabis industry has space for various cannabis items such as edibles, beverages, concentrates, and other product forms. This further diversity assists in elevating sales in an industry that has already doubled in the past four years. Experts predict that this industry will triple by 2024.

With such a speedy growth pattern, it’s a guarantee that marijuana stocks are a better investment than crypto at the moment. The developing sectors within the cannabis economy already reveal that it’s here to stay.

Professionals also project that cryptocurrency will be one of the digital payment platforms introduced in the industry.


It’s relatively evident which of the two has emerged victorious and why. Though both cryptocurrency and marijuana show unmatched potential, cannabis is ultimately the better investment option.

The moves created in the industry already reflect assurance and legitimacy that investors require when looking to commit to a specific project.

If you’re an investor looking to make the smart choice, don’t wait anymore. The arrows are pointing you in the right direction, and you have the power to watch your money grow with just one move. Invest in marijuana today!



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