How to Create and Edit the Best Product Photos for Social Media

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Around 75% of online buyers rely on product photos when buying. It makes sense, considering they can’t inspect the goods in person. Thus, people want detailed descriptions and photos since they are relying on your to make an informed purchase.

As a business owner, you have to make sure your customers can make good decisions. It’s why eCommerce sites use professional photographers, for example – to ensure their products are in their best light.

Now even if you aren’t selling physical products, if say your business is cryptocurrency / fully digital based, successful marketing still requires quality photos, especially for your company’s website and social media presence.

Keep on reading for some photography and editing tips to help you market your crypto brand successfully using quality imagery…

Photography and Editing Tips to Create the Best Images for Social Media Marketing

What if you’re a beginner? You can still create the best photos for social media with some basic knowledge.

1. Have a Camera

You can’t do product photography without a camera. The good news is you can use what you already have – your smartphone.

Professional photography using a smartphone is popular nowadays. As long as your device produces decent-quality photos, you can use it instead of a DSLR.

2. Use a Tripod

You want to stay consistent with your product photos, especially if you’re shooting many products. If you’re playing around with shutter speeds, you’ll need a tripod. A cheap tripod will do, as long as it can hold your camera or phone steady.

3. Choose Between Natural or Artificial Light

Natural light brings a softer feel to photos, while artificial light is sharper. The best one for you depends on your products but choose only one.

The former is better for emphasizing a product’s surroundings. It’s also the more common choice for anything a person wears. Use artificial light to bring out the details in a product.

4. Stage a Neutral Background

The background must not get in the way of bringing attention to your product. Photographers usually use a sweep with a solid color. It’s smooth and flawless with no breaks or lines, allowing your subject to shine.

You can also stage the background for your product. You can put furniture in a room before placing plates in a table setting.

5. Learn Post-Processing

Once you have a quality picture, make it more palatable for social media with post-processing. If you’re a beginner, you can use your phone’s built-in photo editing options. You can also use basic or advanced apps.

6. Edit Your Photos for Social Media

Tweak the brightness and contrast of your photos to make them look more defined. You can also adjust other settings to fix some issues, such as a duller color.

You want to make them pop, but avoid over-editing. Your product pictures must still match the actual products.

Remember to resize the image for Instagram. The thumbnails look good if your product pictures all have a resolution of 1:1. Do this for all your social media accounts for a uniform look.

The Takeaway

Remember that your online customers only have your product photos when making buying decisions. As such, these should represent the actual products best while still looking tempting to buyers.

And even if you don’t sell physical products, stock imagery just isn’t always going to cut it. A specialized application or cryptocurrency product will require customized imagery to successfully market your product or service.

Therefore, the importance of quality imagery to best represent and market your brand can’t be overlooked. Simply put, learn some photography and editing and wow your customers with quality photos.

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