Tokenized FTX claim is used as collateral for a loan


A creditor of now-bankrupted crypto exchange FTX pledged a $31,307 claim as collateral for a DeFi loan. A creditor of now-bankrupted crypto exchange FTX pledged a claim as collateral for a loan in the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Arcade. The transaction was the first on-chain loan backed by an FTX claim, according to the bankruptcy

Sequel to Iconic RPG Ni No Kuni to Feature NFT Integration and Play-to-Earn Mechanics


The new installment of Ni No Kuni, an RPG franchise brought by independent gaming studio Level 5 and animated by Studio Ghibli, has launched with blockchain elements present. The game, which has been designed for mobile and PC platforms, introduces a token system that lets players use their earnings outside of the game, and will…

What is impermanent loss and how to avoid it?


Read this guide to understand the risk, known as impermanent loss (IL), that liquidity providers take in exchange for fees earned in liquidity pools. How to avoid impermanent loss?Liquidity providers cannot avoid impermanent loss completely. However, they can use some measures to mitigate this risk such as using stablecoin pairs and avoiding volatile pairs.One strategy…

Meta may introduce tokens and digital currency lending services to apps: Report


The virtual currency, which employees have reportedly dubbed “Zuck Bucks,” will be aimed at use in the metaverse. Social media giant Facebook’s parent company Meta is reportedly planning to introduce virtual currency as well as lending services to apps it owns, with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger potentially being among those impacted. According to a Financial…

Indonesia’s cryptocurrency community in 2022: An overview


Regulations, exchanges and local adoption help cryptocurrencies gain traction in Indonesia. Crypto is the next big thing in Indonesia. According to the Ministry of Trade, transactions for currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) grew over 14 times from a total of 60 trillion rupiahs ($4.1 billion) in 2020 to a total of 859 trillion rupiahs ($59.83 billion)…

Battle of the bots: WTF token launch drains 58 ETH


The WTF token airdrop got off to a wild launch. Users reportedly lost thousands of dollars while one bot disappeared with 58 ETH. is a simple service that shows Ether (ETH) users their lifetime spend on Ethereum blockchain transactions by measuring gas. You plug in your wallet address on their website and they tell…

Reddit to reportedly tokenize karma points and onboard 500M new users


Reddit engineer, Rahul, highlights the social media platform’s efforts to improve user interaction through various cryptocurrency initiatives. American social media giant Reddit may soon convert users’ karma points into Ethereum-based (ERC-20) tokens and onboard 500 million new crypto users in the process, according to a newly hired Reddit engineer.A series of tweets made by Reddit…

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