Carbon market gets a much-needed boost from blockchain technology: Web3 exec


Allinfra Climate exec thinks digitizing carbon market processes via distributed ledger technology can bring about efficiency and predictability that hasn’t existed before. Automated systems and blockchain technology are being increasingly utilized to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the carbon market, a critical component in the fight against climate change.  Cointelegraph spoke to Bill Kentrup about

How DeFi Is Evolving


Introduction The decentralized finance (DeFi) sector is still young and going through a maturing process. Nonetheless, it has made a considerable impact on the economy. DeFi has altered the state of the conventional financial system and contributed to more extraordinary innovations in banking. This industry has skillfully adapted to current environments, fostered innovation, and embraced …

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Introducing the Visa® Card

You shouldn’t have to pay fees to spend your crypto. It’s yours, after all.But this isn’t how it works with most crypto cards today. When you spend your crypto, companies charge you a transaction fee to convert your crypto to cash prior to completing your purchase.We believe you should be able to spend your crypto freely.This is

Three reasons to trade on the Exchange mobile app


At, we believe the future is mobile and that the crypto market, in particular, is uniquely suited for mobile trading.That’s why we’ve been quietly building the Exchange mobile app to give you access to the most advanced trading tools right in your pocket.Here are three reasons you should consider trading on the Exchange mobile app.1.

Swinburne Uni brings Web3 firms to class


The industry will be able to “tap into future talent” as the partnership sees Judo Bank and Web3 firm Banxa co-creating content, hosting lectures, providing case studies and even giving students access to their networks. Australia’s Swinburne University of Technology has partnered with two financial technology firms which will provide its students exposure to the…

Indonesia’s cryptocurrency community in 2022: An overview


Regulations, exchanges and local adoption help cryptocurrencies gain traction in Indonesia. Crypto is the next big thing in Indonesia. According to the Ministry of Trade, transactions for currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) grew over 14 times from a total of 60 trillion rupiahs ($4.1 billion) in 2020 to a total of 859 trillion rupiahs ($59.83 billion)…

Coming soon: Tax Center

New to crypto taxes? So is everyone. That’s why later this month, we’re introducing a new Tax Center to help users simplify their tax reporting.In partnership with CoinTracker, users will be able to easily export the full transaction history from your Wallet and Exchange accounts to calculate gains, losses, and income.Over the last decade, tens…

Improving your experience with simplified trading limits


Today we’ve introduced a series of improvements that will enable you to trade more without sacrificing security.Trading limits provide an important protection against financial loss from errors and fraud as they put guardrails around the amount and frequency in which funds can be moved. That said, having too many limits can be confusing and not…

Bitcoin is great, but real crypto innovation has moved elsewhere


Bitcoin will always be the boss, but the real innovative and groundbreaking developments are happening in layer-2 solutions, DAOs, NFTs with utility and the emerging Metaverse. Something is brewing, and those with finely tuned noses can smell it. As traders have come to expect, Bitcoin (BTC) is doing “Bitcoin things” by bouncing around between the…

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