Why Bitcoin Is Digital Real Estate


The properties of bitcoin reflect many of real estate’s value offers on top of fundamentally more secure custody.This is an opinion editorial by Leon Wankum, one of the first financial economics students to write a thesis about Bitcoin in 2015.Bitcoin has a unique value proposition. As a protocol for exchanging value it allows you to

How Technology Can Boost Your Investments

investing technology

Introduction Investing in a business, whether precious metals, stocks, or property, has always had that “traditional feeling.” Multiple people associate investments with the wealthy or the older adults, and so may find it a daunting venture. However, that notion is quickly changing in the modern era thanks to the tech industry’s growth. Today, you can …

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Survey: Most professional European investors bought digital assets or plan to


Survey on professional investors finds that 36% have already bought crypto, as big pockets look to enter the market. To gain a deeper understanding of how professional investors feel about digital assets, Cointelegraph Consulting has published a 70+ page research report written by eight authors and supported by SIX Digital Exchange, BlockFi, Bitmain, Blocksize Capital,…

Pulling the rug: DeFi investment hype fuels rise in crypto exit scams


Rogue actors are swarming Uniswap with fake tokens designed to capitalize on the growing DeFi hype to defraud investors. It’s hype season in the crypto space once again, and unsuspecting investors are at risk of suffering losses. Riding on the coattails of decentralized finance tokens that have provided staggering yields, rogue actors are flooding automated…

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