Bitcoin Mining: What You Need to Know

bitcoin mining rig

Introduction There’s no doubt that Bitcoin is going mainstream. Many financial experts and tech industry moguls have publicly shared a vision of the future with Bitcoin firmly at the centre of it. But the trajectory of Bitcoin is famously volatile, and news about this cryptocurrency often makes people second-guess what they’ve previously learned. One of …

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Can Bitcoin Become the Next Global Reserve Currency?

bitcoin Global Reserve Currency

One of the most interesting trends surfacing in the crypto industry today is the increasing likelihood of Bitcoin emerging as the next global reserve currency – something that Bitcoin fundamentalists have been preaching for the last decade. With the combination of transparency and decentralized trust brought on by the blockchain, individuals and companies across the …

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Why Every Bitcoin Miner Needs A VPN


The need for a VPN has shot up over the past few years. As we get closer and closer to living our entire lives online, our data becomes ever more vulnerable. We put everything out there when using the internet, from our credit card details to our personal identification. It’s no wonder that identity theft…

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