Win a Steve Aoki A0K1VERSE Passport with and Yat

To celebrate our collaboration with Yat, we’re giving users the chance to win a passport to the Steve Aoki A0K1VERSE, a new ecosystem bridging the metaverse with the real world.

Yat makes sending crypto easier by replacing text and numbers with emojis ?. Create a Yat and link it to your Wallet today so you can have your chance of winning an exclusive A0K1VERSE passport.

What’s a Yat?

Yats turn a long wallet address from this: ‘bc1qw508d6qejxtdg4y5r3zarvary0c5xw7kv8f3t4’,
…into something simple like this: ? ?⛓

Yat usernames are actually made up of emojis rather than text and numbers that can be used as your universal internet identity, including your Wallet address.

How can I use one?

Instead of a typical wallet address, you enter your recipient’s Yat emoji in the “To” field and hit “send,” all from right inside your Wallet.

You can create your own personalized Yat here

Once created, connect your Yat to your Wallet so crypto sent to your Yat is automatically received in your Wallet.

Meme Contest: Win a passport to the A0K1VERSE

To celebrate the and Yat partnership, we’re running a meme contest where 10 winners will get Steve Aoki A0K1VERSE passports.

If you’re a lucky winner of an A0K1VERSE passport, you’ll gain exclusive access to Steve Aoki’s online community as well as to on-chain and physical experiences including:

  • Exclusive pre-sale access, free mints, and more to Aoki NFT releases and partner drops
  • Free Steve Aoki tour tickets to hundreds of dates worldwide
  • Digital and physical collectibles
  • Free apparel, wearables, and exclusive access to collabs with some of the world’s most iconic IP
  • Token-gated access to A0K1VERSE-only events
  • Virtual metaverse performances
  • And much more…

To participate, tweet a meme using your favorite picture of Steve Aoki from his socials, the emojis from his Yat ??, and the hashtag #MemeAoki. Use additional emojis to get creative!

Example Meme:

Entries will be judged by, Yat, and Steve Aoki during a live Twitter Spaces on June 28 at 8pm ET.

Terms and conditions can be found here

Good luck! ? ?⛓

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