New “Green” Crypto Coin for Gambling Sites Has Been Released

green crypto for gambling


With much of the world’s population deciding to adopt and encourage a greener way of living in order to help reduce the overall impact that climate change is having on the planet, a gaming company that has over 10 million users using their European gaming platform – has decided to launch the world’s first green crypto coin: Signa.

Signa is a digital asset that has been created in a one-of-a-kind partnership that will allow gamers to mine for the coin and pay over the Phoenix Wallet using any computer or android system that they wish to use. The move has been designed to try and help push the gaming industry towards new sustainable practices, especially with the gaming’s carbon footprint shown to be incredibly high.

High Levels of Waste

Prior to the introduction of the new green coin that can be used with a bitcoin casino, the gaming industry has been one that has been rather slow in looking to do its part in joining much of the world’s population in looking to help limit the impact that has been felt by climate change.

Indeed, some would speculate that there is a lot that the sector could do immediately, with figures showing that the carbon footprint is incredibly high. For instance, gaming produces a large number of waste across a variety of different elements, with plastic casings of traditional game consoles and even the mined-metal circuit boards for those who continue to mine for crypto.

Additionally, it is not just the physical waste that is rather large across the industry, with e-waste being rather astronomical due to the huge power requirements required. It has been reported that the US alone uses 34 terawatt-hours of energy consumption each year, which equates to the same levels of carbon dioxide emissions produced by over 5 million cars. This is why there are some concerns about the power that mining for crypto has on the environment, especially if they are used in the gaming sector; hence the introduction of the green crypto coin.

Companies Are Starting to Look for Sustainable Solutions

With these figures in mind and the clear damage that the gaming industry is currently having on the planet’s health in regards to global warming, it is clear why there are companies that have started to look to try and find sustainable solutions that will allow them to make a telling contribution and show that they are doing what they can in order to provide change.

Signa is a coin that will be powered by an innovative blockchain created by Signum that has an energy consumption of just 0.002% or less of bitcoin, whilst it will not produce any additional e-waste, either. The innovative blockchain to have been created is currently the only one available in the world that is able to achieve the results desired or be as green as possible.

A Need to Appeal to the New generation of Gamers

Indeed, the introduction of the green crypto coin will mean that companies will be able to appeal to the new generation of gamers that are coming through, which will be incredibly important for organisations at the moment and in the near future.

With many gamers starting to emerge that could end up having to pay the bill for the climate disasters that have happened by their ancestors and everyone before them. This particular generation could have a huge say in whether a company will thrive in the future, which is why many have decided to try and embrace a sustainable approach as a core principle.


With the new green coin being an incredibly new innovative feature, it could be just the start for the gaming industry and something that has a domino effect for everyone else. With it being one of a kind for now, it would not be a surprise if they became more common in years to come.

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