New Crypto Exchange Being Developed With Binance & Indonesian Telco Partnership

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One of the most established crypto exchanges in the industry, Binance, recently announced that it has partnered with MDI Ventures, Pt Telkom, in order to create a whole new crypto exchange platform.

A joint announcement was published by the companies saying that they will be working together to further increase the adoption of blockchain technology and industry throughout the country, which is home to about 240 million people.

Indonesia can potentially be a huge market for the crypto trading industry. The past few years have shown a massive increase in terms of the country’s interest in the crypto trading market, and it is thought that the crypto trading market will continue to increase in popularity in the near future as well.

To support the further development of the crypto trading industry, Binance will provide the new exchange platform with special assistance. This includes the management of infrastructure and technology, which is a very important thing to successfully develop the crypto trading exchange.

It was also reported that the agreement between the above-mentioned companies will work to find different ways to increase the application of blockchain technology in Indonesia and support its further adoption in the country. It was also noted that thanks to the new partnership, Binance will be able to grow its operations in Indonesia.

Binance’s Support for Crypto Development

The company has already invested in the country for supporting crypto trading, by helping out crypto trading platform Tokocrypto. The CEO and founder of the giant crypto exchange noted that Binance is very ambitious when it comes to supporting the further growth of the blockchain industry as well as the crypto ecosystem around the world.

According to him, this initiative is another effort of the company to support Indonesia’s journey in the crypto world. He also noted that Indonesia has a lot of potential for future growth, saying that the rate of technological advancement and adoption in the country makes it possible for Indonesia to become one of the leading centers of the crypto and blockchain industry in Southeast Asia.

Binance has long been known as a company that works very hard to support the further development of the crypto trading industry. The efforts undertaken by the company are aimed at supporting crypto development in different parts of the world.

One of the Leading Exchanges

The experience of Binance in the crypto trading industry can be very useful for creating a new crypto exchange. Binance has long been known as one of the leading crypto exchanges in the industry and is very well-known around the world.

The reputation that this crypto exchange has is truly deserved. Binance was initially created in Hong Kong, back in 2017. To support the further development of its services, the company has moved its headquarters to Malta in 2018.

As of now, the exchange is very well-known around the world and offers services to numerous countries globally. It offers individuals access to different types of crypto trading assets, including crypto-to-crypto trading pairs, with over 1300 trading pairs available.

Because of the high-quality services that it offers to individuals, Binance has quickly become a true leader in the industry. The crypto exchange has something for everyone, no matter what you are looking for, it is very much possible to find it on Binance.

The best thing about this crypto exchange is that it is very focused on innovative ideas. The efforts that the company has put into further development of the crypto industry are truly priceless.

Automated trading on Binance

Binance is a very comfortable crypto trading exchange, which can be a great fit for traders of all interests. It offers retail traders access to both automated and manual trading. The crypto exchange allows clients to use automated crypto trading robots.

This makes crypto trading a lot easier, as automated crypto trading robots are able to help traders do in-depth market analysis easily. Among the available digit assets on Binance is the native token of the crypto exchange, Binance coin.

Using the automated trading bot on Binance can help traders analyze huge chunks of data in a shorter time. The automated trading robot can also be used for facilitating actual trading activities, which makes crypto trading fully automated.

There are also numerous different types of automated trading robots for Binance exchange available in the market. These third-party automated trading robots can be by connecting the exchange account with the robot using a special API key. This is a safe and secure way of connecting automated robots to your account.

Also, thanks to this, traders have the opportunity to limit the kind of data the automated trading robot can access on their account for maximum safety.

For example, if you are worried about the safety of your funds, you can disable withdrawals, to make sure that your funds remain untouched. Although there are hundreds of different crypto exchanges available around the world, Binance still manages to set itself as a leading exchange. This is possible due to the amazing and distinguishing features that this exchange offers to its clients.

Binance is known for having numerous clients around the world and it managed to boast a massive trading volume. According to official data, the exchange manages to have an average daily volume of as much as $98 billion. This is $87 billion higher than the $11 billion trading volume recorded on the second-largest exchange, Huobi. This shows exactly how popular Binance is around the world and how many people trust this exchange every single day.

The Importance of Binance’s Support

Binance, being one of the leading crypto exchanges in the market, has managed to gather a lot of experience over the past few years. This experience is very frequently used by the crypto exchange to help other players in the market further develop.

The crypto exchange is very active when it comes to supporting innovative ideas and the recent announcement of its partnership with the Indonesian telco is just another example of how hard the crypto exchange tries to support the development of the industry around the world.

Indonesia has been regarded as among the top countries in terms of the potential of crypto development. The interest of the local population of the country in the crypto trading industry is huge, making it a perfect place for crypto exchanges to be established.

It is believed that the support of Binance can help Indonesia become a true leader in the region in terms of the crypto trading market.

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