‘Crypto summer’ likely to start in Q2 2023, Morgan Creek Capital CEO says


Bitcoin’s bull market is likely to start earlier than expected due to anticipation of the BTC halving and favorable macroeconomic conditions, according to Mark Yusko, founder and CEO of Morgan Creek Capital Management. The next crypto bull market will start sooner than most people think, according to Mark Yusko, the founder and CEO of Morgan

SEC sues Atlas Trading for $100M stock manipulation scheme


Eight individuals promoted deceptive demand for stocks via Twitter, Discord and YouTube to sell their shares at a high point. The United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a claim against eight individuals associated with Atlas Trading, a Discord-based forum. The forum’s co-founders, affiliated podcasters and Youtubers are being alleged of stock manipulation. The claim was filed

126% return for stock market short-sellers who smelled blood in crypto waters


A report from S3 Partners noted that crypto stocks with the highest short interest include Coinbase, Marathon Digital and MicroStrategy. Short-sellers have made a killing on various sectors of the U.S. stock market this year, but no other sector “held a candle” to the blockchain industry, with crypto company short-sellers profits up 126% in 2022,…

Bitcoin traders say $34K was the bottom, but data says it’s too early to tell


Bitcoin traders say the bottom is in, but it’s important to also consider BTC’s correlation to equities markets. Bitcoin (BTC) price traded down 23% in the eight days following its failure to break the $45,000 resistance on Feb. 16. The $34,300 bottom on Feb. 24 happened right after the Russian-Ukraine conflict escalated, triggering a sharp…

An even bigger mining difficulty drop? 5 things to watch in Bitcoin this week


Bitcoin may be fresh from its biggest difficulty plunge ever, but estimates warn tat the next may eclipse even that as miners continue to struggle. Bitcoin (BTC) starts a new week in familiar territory after a weekend of solid gains ended in a drawdown — what’s in store?With another rally to near $36,000 under its…

Investors cautiously re-enter crypto funds while ETH vehicles show strength


Investors like the looks of proof-of-stake coins, while Ethereum leads the way. A new report from analytics firm Coinshares shows that while the market dip may not have ended, prices are now at levels where stock market investors are once again showing signs of interest in digital asset funds. A report published yesterday from Coinshares shows…

Nasdaq-listed insurer Metromile plans $10M Bitcoin purchase


The company will soon accept BTC payments on insurance premiums as part of a broader embrace of digital assets. Metromile, Inc., a digital insurer headquartered in San Francisco, is making Bitcoin (BTC) a core part of its business operations, offering further evidence of growing mainstream adoption of digital assets. The company announced Thursday that it will…

After Microstrategy downgrade, analysts recommend smallcap crypto-centric bank


Motley Fool analysts think this smallcap bank stock might be the next to benefit from Bitcoin’s surge Following a Citi report downgrading business intelligence firm Microstrategy’s stock to a “sell” rating, analysts for popular trading website the Motley Fool have recommended a lesser-known bank stock that also has an emphasis on cryptocurrencies. Last Tuesday, Citi analyst…

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