New York AG calls for whistleblowers ‘deceived or affected’ by the crypto market crash


“I encourage workers in crypto companies who may have witnessed misconduct to file a whistleblower complaint,” said New York Attorney General Letitia James. New York Attorney General Letitia James has opened the doors for investors who may have witnessed misconduct at a crypto firm amid the extreme market volatility to file a complaint as a

Ukraine’s New Fiat Restrictions to Boost Popularity of Crypto, Industry Says


The central bank of Ukraine has adjusted the fixed exchange rate of the national currency in U.S. dollars and introduced stricter limits on hryvnia transactions for citizens. The measures are likely to turn more Ukrainians to cryptocurrencies, according to a representative of the local crypto sector. War-Time Hryvnia Limits Expected to Increase Interest in Cryptocurrency…

Crypto-Related Lawsuits Rising in Russia, Criminal Cases Increase by 40%


Courts in Russia are hearing a growing number of cases around crypto assets, a new study has shown. About two-thirds of them have been launched under provisions of the country’s Criminal Code but civil cases represent a large share as well. Criminal Cases Involving Cryptocurrency in Russia Near 1,000 in 2021 Lawsuits related to cryptocurrency,…

Nigerian SEC Announces New Rules Governing Issuance of Digital Assets


The Nigerian securities regulator has announced new rules that govern the issuing of digital assets. The new rules also include registration requirements for platforms that offer digital assets. Initial Assessment Filing The Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced new rules that govern the issuing of digital assets as securities. The regulations also include…

SEC’s Hester Peirce says new stablecoin regs need to allow room for failure


The SEC’s “crypto mom” Hester Peirce has said the regulatory “movement” around stablecoins needs to allow for “trial and error” and room for failure. Commissioner Hester Peirce — also known as the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SECs) “crypto mom” — has backed a regulatory framework for stablecoins that allows “room for there to be failure.”Speaking…

Swiss National Bank: ‘Buying Bitcoin Is Not a Problem for Us’


Switzerland’s central bank, the Swiss National Bank, says buying and holding bitcoin as a reserve currency is not a problem for the bank. “We can arrange the technical and operative conditions relatively quickly, when we are convinced we must have bitcoin in our balance sheet,” the chairman of the Swiss central bank reportedly explained. Switzerland’s…

SEC chair: retail crypto investors should be protected


“There’s no reason to treat the crypto market differently just because different technology is used,” said Gary Gensler. Gary Gensler, chair of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, said the agency’s protections that apply to investors of traditional assets should extend to those in the crypto market.In prepared remarks released Monday for the Penn…

Facebook Owner Meta Sued for Publishing Scam Crypto Ads by Australian Regulator


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has filed a lawsuit against Meta, formerly Facebook, for “publishing scam advertisements featuring prominent Australian public figures.” The regulator said, “The essence of our case is that Meta is responsible for these ads that it publishes on its platform.” Meta Sued for Publishing Cryptocurrency Scam Ads The Australian Competition…

US lawmakers introduce bills that could force crypto exchanges to cut ties with Russian wallets


Brad Sherman said the Biden administration should have the ability to tell crypto exchanges not to do “business with Russia-based crypto wallets” amid the situation with Ukraine. Representative Brad Sherman will be introducing a bill in the House aimed at cracking down on U.S. businesses handling crypto transactions for Russian banks and individuals.Speaking at a…

Regulators and industry leaders react to Biden‘s executive order on crypto


“The proverbial doors of policymakers are wide open, this is now a national conversation in the U.S.,” said Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire. Joe Biden has signed his 82nd executive order since being sworn into office in January 2021, directly addressing a regulatory framework for digital assets in a rare moment for the U.S. President.In a…

Ad restrictions won’t impact crypto demand, Binance CEO says


Changpeng Zhao said that the majority of crypto demand and user adoption come from word-of-mouth marketing. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) claimed that the growing restrictions on crypto advertisement won’t impact the demand.During his interview with CNBC, CZ stressed that physical crypto advertisements and crypto ads, in general, have not had much impact on user…

Turkish President Erdogan Says Cryptocurrency Law Is Ready as Crypto Regulator Fines Binance 8 Million Lira


Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reportedly announced that the country’s cryptocurrency law “is ready” and will be submitted to parliament “without delay.” Meanwhile, Turkey’s Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK), which oversees crypto exchanges, has reportedly fined Binance Turkey over violations found during liability inspections. Turkish Cryptocurrency Law ‘Is Ready’ Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said…

US Justice Dept is selling $56M in crypto to compensate victims of BitConnect’s fraud


“This liquidation is the largest single recovery of a cryptocurrency fraud by the United States to date,” said the Justice Department. The United States Department of Justice is planning to sell $56 million worth of cryptocurrency seized in connection with its case against Ponzi scheme BitConnect.In a Nov. 16 announcement, the Justice Department said it…

Circle reveals cooperation in ongoing SEC investigation


Circle has published filings revealing it is cooperating with a subpoena from the SEC that it received in July. Circle, the company behind the world’s second-largest stablecoin USD Coin, has been subpoenaed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).According to an Oct. 4 regulatory filing from Circle, the SEC issued an “investigative subpoena” from…

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