Game On: The Challenge Of Introducing Bitcoin To Uninterested, Gen-Z College Students


The mother of a college student shares lessons from a recent orange-pilling session with her daughter and her friends at school. This is an opinion editorial by Tali Lindberg, the mother of a college student and co-creator of the HODL UP Bitcoin game. Source: Author Hyperbitcoinization is a future that all Bitcoiners hope to witness.

OpenAI will lead to better art and narration in Web3 games — Immutable exec


Alex Connelly says the technology provides “very cool storytelling opportunities.” The creation of smart contracts and Web3 interfaces has led to an entirely new play-to-earn or nonfungible token (NFT) genre of video games. But during the 2021 crypto bull market and subsequent crash of 2022, many of the games in this niche went through incredible Games Invites you to Celebrate Halloween with a Magical Tournament

It’s Halloween! Play spookilicious casino games and celebrate this festival of hallowed magic with Games! Monsters Bats Witches Vampires Our very own premium casino brand, Games, has launched the Halloween Magic Tournament where you can play horror-themed games and stand a chance to win cash prizes. The promotion features all sorts of magical

A Beginner’s Guide To Earning 3ULL Tokens 

3ull tokens

Introduction The gaming industry has seen growth and transformation since it opened doors to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Investors and players can now earn passive income while enjoying the latest gaming products from developers in the market. A reliable computer and knowledge of the underlying technology are apparent requirements to participate in the cryptocurrency landscape …

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GameStop NFT Marketplace now live and powered by Loopring L2


The beta version of GameStop’s NFT marketplace is now available, while the marketplace’s official launch is expected to deploy soon. GameStop has confirmed its integration with Loopring (LRC), an Ethereum Layer 2 zkRollup protocol designed for powering decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, into their highly anticipated NFT marketplace. Adam Browman, Loopring’s Head of Growth, announced on Medium on Wednesday that…

NFT-collateralized loan platform Arcade raises $15M in funding round


Pantera Capital’s Lauren Stephanian said the platform’s collateralization of NFTs could incentivize participation from institutional investors. Arcade, a platform that allows users to utilize nonfungible tokens (NFTs) as loan collateral, has raised $15 million in a Series A funding round with participation from Pantera Capital.In a Wednesday announcement, Arcade said Pantera, Castle Island Ventures, Franklin…

Enjin wants to decentralize metaverse with new $100M fund


The Efinity Metaverse Fund will focus on seed equity investments for projects building Efinity. Blockchain gaming platform Enjin is establishing a new fund to support the development of the metaverse ecosystem and make it more decentralized.Enjin, a startup behind the nonfungible token (NFT)-focused blockchain Efinity, has formed a $100 million fund to support ​​Efinity adopters…

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