Seed Phrase, Explained


What is a seed phrase, and why is it important?A seed phrase is your last resort when it comes to accessing the keys to your crypto. Should you ever get locked out of or lose your crypto wallet, your seed phrase can get you back in.But, lose the seed phrase, and the crypto is gone, so

All You Need to Know About Crypto Payment Processors

crypto payment processors

Introduction  Blockchain technology, which is an underlying technology of cryptocurrencies has disrupted many sectors including healthcare, law, media and entertainment but its impact on the finance and banking system is just unavoidable. Cryptocurrency, which was originally developed as a medium of exchange, had rather been preferably used as an asset class. But finally the time …

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Putin Calls for International Settlements Based on Blockchain and Digital Currencies


Russian President Vladimir Putin believes a new system for international money transfers is needed to reduce dependence on big banks and third parties. He is convinced that cross-border payments relying on digital currency and distributed ledger technology will be “much more convenient.” Russia’s Head of State Urges for Blockchain-Powered International Payments President of Russia Vladimir

How DeFi Is Evolving


Introduction The decentralized finance (DeFi) sector is still young and going through a maturing process. Nonetheless, it has made a considerable impact on the economy. DeFi has altered the state of the conventional financial system and contributed to more extraordinary innovations in banking. This industry has skillfully adapted to current environments, fostered innovation, and embraced …

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As looks to build on a decade of innovation within both crypto and the business, we’ve strengthened our leadership team. The business has scaled 5x over the past two years across nearly every division, function and activity. I’m excited to welcome our new leaders and recognize the outstanding work of promoted leaders as we

Here’s what’s new at


The markets may have pulled back, but we’re still building.Historically speaking, bear markets have proven to be the most productive periods for our product team. This time is no different, and we have lots in store for you.Here are some highlights of what we delivered in June 2022.Claim your free .blockchain domainWe partnered with Unstoppable Domains to introduce…

Tips to Become Financially Free

financial freedom

Introduction Ever have that day where you just don’t feel like working? The kind of day where you would rather stay at home and watch Netflix than go out into the world and earn a living? You could call it laziness, or maybe even just complacency. But in reality, there is an underlying need to …

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Why You Should Consider Crypto Loans

crypto loan

Introduction When you make an application for a loan in a bank, the assessment is very rigorous. At times, the lender digs back trying to understand personal spending habits before approving or declining loans. It is time to say goodbye to this invasive process by considering crypto Loans. This post goes deeper into crypto lending …

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Japan to reportedly take action to scrutinize crypto globally


Japanese Ministry of Finance is hiring more staff to develop stricter global rules for digital currencies, particularly fiat-pegged stablecoins. Japan is strengthening its efforts to regulate digital currencies on a global scale, with related government authorities reportedly looking to expand staff to impose stricter rules.Japanese regulators have expressed fresh concerns over the massive growth of…

Spanish Real Estate Agency Begins Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Properties in the Canary Islands


Crypto adoption keeps spreading among the real estate industry in Europe, specifically in Spain. Recently, a leading agency in the Canary Islands announced it would start accepting cryptocurrency payments. Firm Praises Bitcoin’s Decentralized Nature According to Digital Sevilla, Piso Barato Inmobiliaria, a Tenerife-based real estate firm, has enabled the feature that allows customers to acquire…

Bitcoin for Corporations- Michael Saylor Expects an ‘Avalanche’ of Firms to Own Bitcoin


This week the firm Microstrategy held an event called “Bitcoin for Corporations” which looks at concepts like macro strategy, corporate playbooks, and legal considerations toward bitcoin. Prior to the event, Microstrategy CEO and bitcoin bull, Michael Saylor, said “professionals from more than 1,400 firms” would join the event. At the conference, Saylor was bullish on…

Coinbase Opts out of IPO Routine, Chooses Popular Direct Listing Route


The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase recently announced the company plans to do a direct listing, as opposed to following the initial public offering (IPO) route. The decision means that Coinbase can float its shares on an exchange without hiring a financial institution to underwrite the settlements. Coinbase to Skip IPO Process, Shoots for a…

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