Crypto in The Community


Communities shape how people interact, and the crypto community is no exception.During “all time highs” sentiment rises. When we dip, the collective sentiment falls.What remains is the underlying technology.Over the past year, we’ve spoken with community members from various sectors on how they’re using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology on the Podcast.Charity and volunteeringSave the

Online Shopping With Cryptocurrency: Tips for Beginners

bitcoin online shopping

Introduction While cryptocurrency is a fairly new type of currency that does not rely on any government entity or other central authority, global adoption is growing steadily. In simple terms, cryptocurrencies are a digital currency where all its transactions are verified by a decentralized system that uses cryptography so that the information is safe. Although …

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Where Do You Go To Start Learning About Bitcoin?


Learning about bitcoin can be daunting. There are many great educators that teach through different lenses to make Bitcoin approachable for everyone.This is an opinion editorial by Peter Conley, a product advocate at Vercel.How does someone start learning about Bitcoin? This is the 21-million-coin question. Learning about Bitcoin can be disorienting. There’s so much content

Accessibility is the main barrier to crypto adoption — Here are the solutions


Cryptocurrency accessibility is inhibited by a lack of financial and crypto literacy created in part by the wealth gap, technostress and overuse of jargon. Accessibility is a pain point for cryptocurrency adoption that has been discussed for years, yet still, it is pertinent as ever. This issue was most recently recognized by the United States…

Getting Started With Crypto Arbitrage: Basic Strategies To Know

crypto arbitrage strategies

Introduction While there are many profitable strategies in the cryptocurrency market, crypto arbitrage might be the best to incorporate into your portfolio management. It entails searching for low-priced digital assets, including coins and tokens from one exchange, and selling them in another at an inflated market price. Crypto arbitrage has the potential of making huge …

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Traders know not to ‘go long’ when this classic trading pattern shows up


Investors watch trading volume and other momentum indicators alongside descending channel patterns to better gauge when to open and close trades. Buying an asset in a downtrend can be a risky maneuver because most investors struggle to spot reversals and as the trend deepens traders take on deep losses. In instances like these, being able…

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