What is the Future of Cryptocurrency?

future of cryptocurrency

Introduction There are many debates doing rounds on social media, across Internet, and even mainstream media about the future of cryptocurrency. For most people, cryptocurrency is still a very new concept and few people even know how digital currencies work. Though, many people believe that cryptocurrency has a very bright future despite still being in …

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Citi Group appoints head of digital assets in crypto hiring spree


The new head of digital assets at Citi’s institutional branch will focus on pursuing connections and investments with clients, startups, and regulators. American multinational investment bank Citi announced it had appointed Puneet Singhvi to lead the digital assets division of its Institutional Clients Group (ICG) starting on Dec. 1.In addition to appointing Singhvi on Nov.…

Celo Euro (cEUR) is now available on


Stablecoins are on the rise and for good reason. They provide the benefits of cryptocurrencies while protecting against the price volatility that often comes with the asset class. This offers a safer, quicker, and cheaper alternative for sending and receiving money–particularly for those without access to traditional financial services.While many stablecoins used today are USD-denominated,…

What Is The Most Profitable Crypto Affiliate Program?

Profitable Crypto Affiliate Programs

Introduction To monetize your crypto-specific audience, crypto-affiliated programs offer you powerful ways to do it. The main benefit and difference between the regular affiliate program and a crypto affiliate one is payments. The payments and pay-outs of a crypto affiliate program are conducted in cryptocurrency. You can rely on this revenue for many months and …

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For our 10th birthday we’re giving away Bitcoin


That’s right, you read that correctly. While most people get gifts on their birthday, we’re giving gifts to new users who kick off their journey with us in our second decade.Basically, for every new transacting user — someone who buys $100+ of crypto for the first time on our platform — we’ll send them $50 of bitcoin. It’s that simple.Tens of…

Welcoming Ian Mair, Head of U.S. Policy


What started as a white paper became a movement and is now the future of finance. Our community knows it and regulators are catching up. The next 18 months will be critical to the creation and adoption of a permanent regulatory framework for crypto around the world — but if you’re not at the table, then you’re…

Polygon (MATIC) and Maker (MKR) now available on the Exchange


Today we’re excited to be adding two of the most popular crypto assets to the Exchange — Polygon (MATIC) and Maker (MKR).The rise of DeFi and NFTs has put enormous pressure on the Ethereum network. Polygon has emerged as one of the most promising solutions for scaling Ethereum, with its Layer 2 sidechains that enable faster and…

Improving the way you log in to

We’re introducing a number of improvements to make it easier and safer than ever to access the Wallet and Exchange.The following enhancements will be rolling out to select customers in the coming weeks and then to all customers in the coming months.1. Log in with Email Magic LinksOne of the key innovations behind the Wallet…

Why People Are Using Cryptocurrencies to Purchase Kratom Online

bitcoin kratom

Introduction Cryptocurrency has risen in popularity over the past few years. As per researchers at the University of Cambridge, there are over 100 million active users of the coinage. Granted, some markets don’t accept them, but the vast majority of selling points have embraced the currency that many believe is the coinage of tomorrow. It’s …

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Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners

benefits cryptocurrency trading

Introduction The news that Elon Musk’s invested in Bitcoin resulted in record high cryptocurrency prices. Elon Musk’s cryptic tweet on Twitter likely caused Bitcoin to reach a record price of $60,000. The digital currency has become the talk of the town once again and intrigued the interest of investors worldwide. If you are waiting on …

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Cryptocurrency Tips for Beginners


Introduction Cryptocurrency can be extremely confusing for some people, and though the idea of it has been around for a while, many do not understand it. Cryptocurrency literally entails making transactions through a type of digital currency in order to solve any of the problems that you may encounter at your normal bank. It is …

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