Bitcoin for Beginners: How Does it Work?

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Introduction Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology that has been disrupting the financial system for over 10 years. Bitcoin works on a decentralized peer-to-peer transaction system, meaning that all transactions occur directly between users without the need for an intermediary such as a bank or other financial institution. Instead, those transactions are verified and secured by …

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Why is the crypto market down today?


The crypto market is down today, paring Ethereum’s post-Shapella rally with the total cryptocurrency market capitalization losing nearly 4% in 24 hours. Right as some analysts thought that Bitcoin (BTC) was on the cusp of confirming a new bull market, the cryptocurrency market took a downturn amid regulatory uncertainty and signs of weakening macroeconomic conditions. Crypto

Crypto IRL: Crypto Remittance Sent via WhatsApp


Our Crypto IRL series showcases individuals who are leading the charge in the crypto revolution by using cryptocurrency in real life to drive financial inclusivity, enterprise, and innovation.We’re excited to share a recent conversation we had with Bernardo Garcia, Co-Founder of Félix Pago, the world’s first chat-bot on WhatsApp that allows Latino immigrants in the

NEW: App, The Only Crypto App You’ll Ever Need,-the-only-crypto-app-you’ll-ever-need

The Wallet has evolved to become the App.Explore a brand new user experience that delivers on all your crypto needs in one place.The brand new AppUsers often have to make the decision to either trust a third party with theirs private keys or go through the complex process of self-custody. In addition to

The Lightning Network, Explained


Bitcoin has a frequently cited problem–scalability.The Bitcoin network can only handle a certain number of transactions at once, making it take a long time for transactions to go through and impacting the price of fees.One of the leading causes of the scalability problem is that each transaction must be verified by every node in the network

Explore The New Trading App “Bitcoin Trader” With Us!

trading app review

Introduction Bitcoin Trader is an artificial intelligence trading platform that leverages Bitcoin to evaluate high-frequency data and make profitable trading choices. Based on the idea that computers can digest data more quickly and correctly than people, it is well suited for use in today’s volatile markets. It’s easy to tailor your trading experience to your …

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Bitcoin Loophole Review: Unveiling The Basics Of Trading Bots!

bitcoin trading bot

Introduction There has been a recent injection of capital into the trading industry. Technological improvements have allowed more people (including amateurs) to test the waters of trading without making a big initial investment. The advent of AI-based trading algorithms has made entering the stock market accessible to those with no prior experience. Thanks to Bitcoin …

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Crypto IRL: Mexico’s only Bitcoin Bar


We’re speaking with individuals who are leading the charge in the crypto revolution by using cryptocurrency in real life to drive financial inclusivity, enterprise, and innovation.We’re kicking off this series in La Condesa, a leafy neighborhood in Mexico City where you’ll find Mexico’s only dedicated Bitcoin bar, Bitcoin Embassy Bar.Lorena Ortiz is the Director of Bitcoin

Bitcoin faces $15K crash as US sparks ‘financial meltdown’ — Arthur Hayes


Bitcoin will be just one of the risk assets which “crater” as the Federal Reserve is forced to abandon quantitative tightening in future, the ex-BitMEX CEO warns. In his latest blog post released on Jan. 19, Arthur Hayes, the former CEO of BitMEX exchange predicted a “global financial meltdown” thanks to future United States economic

Bitcoin price breakout or bull trap? 5K Twitter users weigh in


BTC price may be riding monthly highs, but hardly anyone is sure that the good times are here to stay. Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at its highest levels in over two months, but the phrase on every trader’s lips is “bull trap.”After delivering 25% returns in a single week, BTC/USD remains under suspicion among Bitcoin

Bitcoin price wants to retest 2017 all-time high near $20K — analysis


BTC price action knocks out resistance levels as $20,000 gets ever closer, but not many are convinced that the Bitcoin bull run will last much longer. Bitcoin (BTC) stayed near $19,000 at the Jan. 13 Wall Street open as traders hoped a week of swift gains would stick.BTC/USD 1-da candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingViewBTC price

Bitcoin price targets include new $14K dip as Fed’s Powell avoids inflation


No fresh BTC price catalyst from the Fed as Chair Powell fails to mention inflation altogether. Bitcoin (BTC) traders faced disappointment at the Jan. 10 Wall Street open after the United States Federal Reserve declined to comment on future policy.BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingViewPowell keeps quiet on Fed policyData from Cointelegraph Markets Pro

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