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Several users on Twitter have reported losses of crypto assets, claiming funds held on the Atomic Wallet app vanished. Atomic Wallet has been apparently exploited, with users on Twitter reporting complete losses of their crypto portfolios. Atomic is a noncustodial-decentralized wallet, meaning users are responsible for assets stored in the application. “We have received reports of


What is a crypto wallet?A crypto wallet is a digital or software-based way to access your cryptocurrencies.Unlike a regular wallet, a crypto wallet doesn’t actually hold your assets. Instead, it stores credentials called private keys that give you access to your assets on the blockchain.Depending on the type of crypto wallet you have, you can:Send, receive, and…


The nomenclature used to help the layman understand Bitcoin makes lawmakers confuse it as money instead of entries in a database. We must change the terms.This is an opinion editorial by Beautyon, the CEO of Azteco and a contributor at Bitcoin Magazine.A group of bitter, twisted computer illiterates in the beleaguered European Union have managed…