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The European Union is leading the way when it comes to global cryptocurrency regulations. The right to privacy is enshrined in many legal traditions around the world. In the United States, it’s protected by the Fourth Amendment; in the European Union, it falls under Article 8 of the European Convention for Human Rights. While definitions


Six individuals are challenging the Treasury Department. Two seemingly separate stories. One terrifying precedent. It’s all about privacy. On Sept. 8, Coinbase announced it was bankrolling a lawsuit against the United States Treasury Department. The cryptocurrency exchange is funding a lawsuit brought by six people that challenges the sanctions on Tornado Cash. And on Sept. 9


Like any aging empire, America is reacting to its competition. The United States’ move to sanction the open-source code that makes up the Tornado Cash privacy protocol may be shocking, but it’s not surprising. America has been tightening its grip over the global financial system for decades, ostensibly to cut down on bad behavior, but