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Why are artificial intelligence tokens going parabolic? Watch Market Talks live


Join us as we discuss the reasons behind the recent price rally of artificial intelligence tokens. In this week’s episode of Market Talks, Cointelegraph welcomes Average Joe’s Crypto, a research analyst and writer. He authors his own blog, which focuses on all things crypto, Web3 and decentralized finance (DeFi).Without wasting any time, we jump straight

‘Crypto summer’ likely to start in Q2 2023, Morgan Creek Capital CEO says


Bitcoin’s bull market is likely to start earlier than expected due to anticipation of the BTC halving and favorable macroeconomic conditions, according to Mark Yusko, founder and CEO of Morgan Creek Capital Management. The next crypto bull market will start sooner than most people think, according to Mark Yusko, the founder and CEO of Morgan

Here’s why Bitcoin traders expect choppy markets for the remainder of 2021


Bitcoin price appears pinned below $48,000, leading some analysts to forecast “choppy” markets until Q1 2022. Inflation concerns and a general sense of trepidation about the future of the global economy continue to put a damper on Bitcoin and altcoin prices and currently the Crypto Fear and Greed index is solidly in the ‘fear’ zone…

ZK-rollups step into the limelight after the quest to scale Ethereum evolves


ZK-rollups become the latest trending solution for scalability on the Ethereum network as developers strive to increase throughput capabilities while decreases transaction costs. Scalability on the Ethereum (ETH) network has been a point of contention within the cryptocurrency ecosystem for years, primarily due to high fees and network congestion during periods of peak demand.The latest…

$300M incentive program backs 100% rally in Harmony (ONE) price


ONE price gained more than 100% after announcing plans to launch a $300 million ecosystem development fund. Protocol and community development initiatives have become the latest trend in the cryptocurrency market after a number of projects have launched multi-million dollar funds aimed at enticing builders and investors to make the cross-chain migration into the layer-2…

Altcoin Roundup: High Ethereum fees kick-start a liquidity migration to layer-1 platforms


Ethereum competitors and layer-one projects are capitalizing on the network’s untenable gas fees by launching mining and developer incentives that are also boosting token prices. In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, the race to establish a highly scalable, user-friendly network capable of being adopted on a global scale is a never-ending marathon…

Traders know not to ‘go long’ when this classic trading pattern shows up


Investors watch trading volume and other momentum indicators alongside descending channel patterns to better gauge when to open and close trades. Buying an asset in a downtrend can be a risky maneuver because most investors struggle to spot reversals and as the trend deepens traders take on deep losses. In instances like these, being able…

Traders use this classic trading pattern to determine when to ‘buy the dip’


Ascending channels provide a steady signal on the strength of an uptrend and the optimal levels to open positions during a pullback. Traders use various technical analysis tools to identify emerging trends and profitably trade that direction. One popular trend-defining pattern that traders often rely on is called the price channel. An ‘ascending channel’ or a…

Altcoin Roundup: Layer-one protocols chip away at Ethereum’s dominance.


Layer-one projects register a steady inflow of new users as the cost of using the Ethereum network gives projects like Avalanche and Cardano room to gain a foothold in the market. The rise of decentralized finance and nonfungible tokens has transformed the blockchain ecosystem and generated near unimaginable riches for investors, but none of this…

Bulls hesitate to buy the dip after Bitcoin price falls close to $35K


Bitcoin’s drop to $35,130 has bulls hesitant to buy the current dip but on-chain data shows long-term holders continue to accumulate. On June 18, Bitcoin (BTC) and traditional markets faced another day of downward pressure comments from the United States Federal Reserve about the possibility of raising interest rates sooner than expected has led to…

Altcoin Roundup: Post-crash prices give investors a chance to build a diversified portfolio


Looking to build a diversified crypto portfolio? DeFi, stablecoins and oracles are three cornerstone sectors to consider. Welcome to Cointelegraph Market’s Altcoin Roundup, an in-depth newsletter that focuses on investing from the perspective of fundamental analysis and seeks to identify emerging blockchain projects and tokens that fill niche demands within the growing cryptocurrency market.The concept…

Bitcoin rejects near $37.5K, on-chain data shows capitulation from short-term holders


On-chain data shows short-term Bitcoin holders continue to capitulate while long-term investors have been buying the dip in anticipation of the market moving higher. Bitcoin started the week off with an abrupt bullish breakout to $37,500, a level some analysts have identified as a crucial ‘line in the sand’, but the rally was short-lived as…

What Ethereum killer? On-chain data shows competitor networks are still behind


Critics say Ethereum’s soaring gas fees will cause the project to fall victim to its competitor blockchains but on-chain data suggests otherwise. Ether (ETH) remains the second-largest cryptocurrency and it absolutely dominates the smart contract industry according to an array of network usage metrics. Even though the network has been overwhelmed by peak activity which…

3 key Ethereum price metrics show pro traders are aiming for $2K ETH


Multiple data points show investors are strongly bullish on Ethereum price even after ETH’s recent 36% correction below $1,300. On Feb. 20, Ether (ETH) price rallied to a new high at $2,015 and this caused multiple indicators to display signs of excessive optimism. While the excitement could be easily justified by Ether’s  year-to-date 176% gain,…

Here’s why pro traders barely flinched at today’s 8% Ethereum price drop


Derivatives data and trading volume show investors are still bullish on Ether price even after today’s drop to $596. On Dec. 17 , Ether (ETH) price rallied to $677, its highest level since May 2018, and it seems the top altcoin’s price was driven by Bitcoin’s (BTC) swift move above $21,000. It’s also possible that…

Terra Protocol (LUNA) rallies 66% after DeFi and stablecoin launch


Terra Protocol’s successful DeFi and stablecoin launch were followed by a 66% rally that brought LUNA’s market cap to $200 million. Throughout 2020 a handful of new stablecoins launched and many analysts have suggested that stablecoin growth is the backbone of the crypto sector and partially responsible for the current Bitcoin rally.For many traders, stablecoins…

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