Zcash celebrates first halving with implementation of ‘Canopy’ upgrade


The upgrade establishes a development fund for the next four years and removes the controversial “Founders Reward.” Privacy-focused cryptocurrency Zcash (ZEC) celebrated its first halving event on Nov. 18.The occasion was marked by the implementation of the Canopy upgrade, which establishes a development fund for the platform and removes the controversial “Founders Reward.”The halving and…

Amid IRS bounty and competitor progress, Monero developers ship a major update


A new Monero update brings improvements in performance, speed, and security amid increased scrutiny from law enforcement and developments from competitors First announced in September, Monero developers today went live with a network update featuring a new version of its node software, codenamed ‘Oxygen Orion.’ The product of 30 contributors, the update promises significant improvement…

Australian exchanges delist privacy coins amid Chainalysis integration


Privacy coins are quietly being relegated to the fringes of the Blockchain space. Pressured by external forces, two Australian exchanges have begun to delist a number of privacy coins including Monero (XMR) and Bytecoin (BCN).On August 24, YouTuber Alex Saunders tweeted a screenshot of what appears to be an announcement from the Australian exchange, Coinspot.…

How to Remain Profitable Through the Halving of Zcash


The upcoming Zcash halving could help ZEC to reduce its annual inflation rate and make the coin more profitable for miners. Reward halvings are a common element of many different forms of cryptocurrency, known to typically impact a coin’s supply, difficulty and price. For many cryptocurrencies, these halving mechanisms are embedded into the code in…

Not So Private: 99% of Zcash and Dash Transactions Traceable, Says Chainalysis


Chainalysis says it can track 99% of transactions involving Zcash, and almost all of Dash’s – coins that both fancy themselves as private and untraceable. Now, that’s because the majority of users do not utilize the optional privacy-enhancing features available on the two blockchains, it said in a June 8 blog, announcing support for the…

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