Mining Farms Located in Several Regions Around the World

Our Mission is to Promote Financial Freedom Through the Use of Cryptocurrency.


AWS MINING operates cryptocurrency mining farms in China, Paraguay and Russia. Our goal is to make cryptocurrency mining accessible to all users regardless of age, location, investment, technical knowledge or experience.


Mining your own cryptocurrency requires a large investment to purchase and set up expensive specialist mining hardware.
You also need to maintain the hardware and buy the electricity needed to run it.

AWS Mining offers you a way to mine cryptocurrencies without going to this trouble or expense. We use our mining hardware to mine the cryptocurrencies you select on your behalf. All you need to do is buy a crypto mining power contract and choose the cryptocurrencies you wish to mine.

For the cost of the contract and a service fee, we will mine cryptocurrency on your behalf and take care of the cost of running and maintaining all the required mining hardware.

What is crypto mining power
When you purchase a contract, you purchase crypto mining power (CMP) which generally represents the amount of processing power associated with the contract. You can purchase CMP in multiples of 0.1CMP.

Available Cryptocurrencies
The types of cryptocurrencies we offer to mine change from time to time. When you buy a CMP Contract, the cryptocurrency you want us to mine may not be available. To start mining from your CMP Contract, you need to select a specific mining pool from which we will mine the cryptocurrencies available in that mining pool. We select the mining pools we make available based on its mining viability.

200% Maximum Return
The maximum amount of cryptocurrency you can earn from any CMP Contract you purchase is an amount of cryptocurrency (expressed in USD) which represents 200% of the CMP Contract purchase price. For example, if you purchase 1 CMP Contract for USD$400 the maximum amount of cryptocurrency you can receive is an amount which equals to USD$800. Once you receive this amount, your CMP Contract will terminate.

Our History

  • Beginning of Mining


    Even before the establishment legal entity, the founders of AWS MINING already bought mining machines from China and placed it on third-party farms for mining.

  • Sichuan Farm

    NOV 2016

    By the region of Sichuan region, Eric Mu built a mining farm attached to a small private hydroelectric plant with electricity generation capacity of 4000kw

  • Inner Mongólia Farm

    FEB 2017

    We built our second mining farm in Inner Mongolia. This farm initially contained 8 warehouses and 16,000 machines, and has the potential to be expanded to 50,000 machines.

  • Launch of Mining Platform

    AUG 2017

    After 24 months of program development we launched the Mining Panel, Affiliated Program and Payment Gateway which work together to allow easier and simpler access to the Mining Contracts.

  • Ciudad del Este Farm

    NOV 2017

    Our first mining farm in South America was built featuring a complete with cooling air- conditioning system for heat management.

  • Anhui Farm

    MAY 2018

    We established a small Mining operation in March 2018 in the Anhui province in China. This region is well-known as the energy capital in China.

  • Russia Farm

    SEP 2018

    We built a mining farm in Russia. Russia is one of the countries that offers the cheapest energy in the world. Beyond that, strategically placed in Europe, this farm is more accessible to European visitors than visiting our other mining farms in China or Paraguay.

  • Hebei Farm

    OCT 2018

    Our newest mining farm is located in Hebei, China,. It has already capacity for 50,000 mining machines.

  • Hernandarias

    OCT 2018

    AWS MINING has launched its second South American farm with mobile mining containers to run the largest number of miners in a small amount of physical space


3 Step Mining

1. Purchase CMP Contract → 2. Choose mining pool → 3. Earn cryptocurrencies


Service Providers


U$ 40.00

0.1 CMP
  • CMP Contract: 200% maximum return
  • Multi Coin Mining
  • Buy

U$ 4,000.00

  • CMP Contract: 200% maximum return
  • Multi Coin Mining
  • Buy
Service fee 20% Prices in US dollars Only certain types of cryptocurrencies will be available for mining and this changes from time to time.


Payment Methods: