YouTube cuts off yet another crypto live stream


September 7, 2020
By Sam Grant

The video-sharing platform pulled the plug on a livestream run by crypto enthusiast claiming it m violated user policies

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has tremendously grown to become one of the most used platforms today. It packs a massive library of audio and video content on almost every field. However, once in a while, some of this content is usually pulled down due to various reasons ranging from copyright issues to violation of terms.

The latest victim in the crypto space to suffer this fate is famed crypto YouTuber Sunny Decree whose livestream on the platform was brought to a sudden conclusion. As of writing, Sunny Decree’s channel has 835 videos and 123k subscribers. YouTube halted the stream citing violation of its ‘’harmful and dangerous policy.’

In a tweet, Decree revealed that the platform halted the latest livestream on his English language channel before sending a warning should he be in violation again.

“BREAKING: My #Bitcoin live stream halted and I got a warning,” the tweet read. He attached a screenshot pulled from the warning he got.

The warning stipulated that should his content violate the policy again, his channel will get a striker that’ll bar him from uploading new content for one-week. The ban would extend to two weeks if his content violates the policy for the second time. A third time in 90 days would get his channel completely removed from the platform.

Sunny argued that his livestream did not violate any YouTube policies and asked the platform to remove the warning. TeamYouTube on Twitter promised to review the appeal made by Decree.

This isn’t the first time Decree’s channel has been at odds with YouTube.  In December 2019. Decree’s channel was a victim of YouTube’s mass deleting of videos that contained crypto-related content. The videos were pulled down with no explanations – an action that the platform later apologized for saying it was an error.

YouTube has since kept on removing content uploaded by some crypto-related channels. This is presumably a response to the numerous phony “crypto giveaway” scams that lure and swindle innocent users on the platform.

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