Video: Printing Is The Plague, Bitcoin Is The Cure

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In this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, CK sits with Thib Maréchal to discuss the history of money printing and how Bitcoin offers humanity a solution to this great plague. Thib, who works at Bitcoin custody provider Knox, expands on his recent article for Bitcoin Magazine on seigniorage, the long history of money printing and the importance of Plan B.

“In this brief essay, we will try to dissect the fundamentally flawed nature of alternative digital currencies, observe bitcoin as a pragmatic monetary evolution in contrast to shitcoinery’s ‘technology revolution’ narratives and will attempt to demonstrate that Bitcoin is not only the only genuine possibility of divorcing money from the State, but that this paradigm shift is already quite advanced and inevitable,’ as Thib writes in the article.

Make sure that you read the original article here.

Topics covered in this video include:

  • Defining seniorage
  • Bitcoin as a decentralized monetary mint
  • The fight to control the money printer
  • The technology narrative vs the monetary narrative 
  • Sound money and time preference

Listen to this episode:

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