The Search for our next Ventures Team Member

The Search for Our Next Ventures Team Member

We’re now 2 years into Ventures, and ~15 investments later, we’re excited to expand the investment team.

Our future team member will source, diligence, and lead deals into the best new crypto companies and projects that are at the earliest possible stage. Passion for crypto is a must. Ventures is an early stage, purely return-driven fund anchored by some of the best LPs in the technology and crypto world, such as Lightspeed Venture Partners. We’ve generated strong historical financial returns since first deploying capital and want to expand our platform.

We are passionate about this work because we know it will lead to a better world through the creation of an open, fair, and accessible financial system and beyond. We’re excited about a system for storing and moving value that lives on the internet that anyone can be part of.

We’re approaching our hiring process in that same spirit — open, fair, and accessible. If you are interested in being part of our investment team, please submit a 1–2 page memo outlining an early-stage investment that you would recommend today. The hiring panel will not know your name, background, or location. If there’s a fit, the next step will be meeting with our investment committee.

In short: only the quality of your idea and memo matter.

Please submit your ideas to [email protected]. We’re incredibly excited to begin reviewing your suggestions.

Peter Smith & Samuel Harrison

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