Sell into USD, GBP, and EUR cash wallets


Over the past few weeks, we’ve rolled out updates to the Wallet — across web, iOS, and Android — that significantly improve the experience for users around the world. In short, we’ve launched USD, GBP, and EUR wallets to store cash, which enables two key features: the ability to sell your crypto into a cash account, and the ability to easily deposit and withdraw funds to your bank.

As a crypto-first company, we’ve been the core infrastructure for people to securely send, receive, and hold crypto in a wallet that is fully in their control. Over the past year, we’ve set out in an effort to make the Wallet experience both easier and more secure for customers. Everything from making it simple to add your credit/debit card to buy crypto to adding Interest Accounts to deposit crypto you hold in your wallet so you can effortlessly earn interest.

Now users will have access to USD, GBP, and EUR cash wallets. These wallets enable users to deposit and withdraw funds from their bank directly into the Wallet or simply exit a crypto position into stable cash. When you’re ready to buy again, you can use your money in your trading wallet to buy crypto in seconds without having to wait for a payment to arrive.

This is part of a series of updates that we believe make the Wallet the first and last wallet you’ll need to get the most out of crypto. To get started with Sell, login to your Wallet or download the app [App Store | Google Play Store]

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