Join Crypto Markets Live Now to Learn How Experts Trade Crypto With CryptoBirb & Big Chonis


What’s the secret behind expert traders’ decision-making? Find out now with CryptoBirb and Bigo Chonis on this week’s Crypto Markets Live!

Welcome, all traders, to this week’s Crypto Markets Live show featuring traders CryptoBirb and Big Chonis. Whether you’re just getting started or have been trading for years, you’re bound to learn something new today. We’ll be analyzing Bitcoin (BTC) and other top cryptocurrency markets while exploring the step-by-step processes that inform every decision to trade.

CryptoBirb has been trading MTF momentum swings actively since early 2017 with a positional background. He is an occasional scalper who uses a custom momentum indicator combo called the Birbicator. He is also interested in spot, futures, options and CFDs across crypto and legacy markets.

Big Chonis has been a daytrader for over eight years. He focuses on the legacy stock market, the crypto spot market and leveraged derivatives. He is a proponent of the study of trader psychology and proper risk management.

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