Introducing Simple Trade


Your first day on a crypto exchange can be overwhelming. Our support team has helped thousands of customers through their first time answering questions like: How do I place an order? Which order type should I use? What’s the difference between limit and stop-limit? At, we delight in making crypto easier for everyone, which means making our exchange more accessible, too.

Today, we are excited to launch Simple Trade on the Exchange. As the name implies, Simple Trade allows users to quickly and easily buy and sell crypto without actually having to use a complicated order entry ticket, know the meaning of “stop-limit,” or anything else. It’s just clear and simple.

For those of you who purchase through our Wallet, Simple Trade will already be familiar to you. However, now you can benefit from the Exchange’s low fees, lightning-fast trades, and more trading pairs.

The process is Simple: navigate to the top of our exchange page, click the lightning-emblazoned button, and start trading!

You can use Simple Trade wherever the exchange is available and currently supports GBP, EUR, and USD fiat currencies to buy and sell BTC, BCH, ETH, LEND, and YFI.

So what are you waiting for? Login to the Exchange and make your first Simple Trade today!

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