Instant Transfers for GBP and EUR Customers via Open Banking


Part of making crypto easy to use is to make it easy to transfer funds to your Wallet. That’s why our team has been heads down adding debit card support and Instant Transfers for US customers (via ACH). Today we’re rolling out Instant Transfers for users across the UK & Europe by adding support for Open Banking.

At a high level, Open Banking is a secure API that banks and financial institutions can implement in order to facilitate easy integration with 3rd party platforms. That means for millions of users across Europe, connecting your bank is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Link your bank account and add funds to your account in seconds.

To get started:

  1. Open the Wallet or Exchange on your desktop or mobile device.
  2. Start a purchase or navigate to Linked Banks in Settings.
  3. Select your bank from the list of available options. If you are on Web, please scan the QR code to continue via mobile app for a faster experience or continue in your web browser.
  4. Log in to your bank account and approve the linking.
  5. Return to the Website or App.

If your Wallet and Exchange accounts are linked, connecting a bank to one account will carry over to the other.

Linked Banks in GBP & EUR are powered by Yapily (Open Banking).

For more information, visit our Support Center.

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