Emphasizing User Friendliness With Sovereignty, Casa Launches Free Wallet


Today, Bitcoin custody solution provider Casa has launched a free wallet service aimed at new users. This app provides a retooled version of the basic wallet it offers its members, designed to be simple to use but without all of the premium services included in Casa’s more advanced products.

“We’re excited about launching a free and simple bitcoin wallet that anyone can use,” said Nick Neuman, Casa’s CEO, in a statement shared with Bitcoin Magazine. “More people are turning to Bitcoin as a long-term investment, but they may not know how to store it safely… We want to offer this simple wallet for beginners for free, so they can start their Bitcoin journey safely.”

The free wallet service is provided through the Casa Keymaster app, available on iOS and Android. It’s designed for beginner Bitcoiners with some ease of use features and basic instructions around private key management, but also includes some of the features Casa offers to its more experienced members. It’s built on the company’s Keymaster technology, which undergirds its multisignature, membership-level product as well, and it can be accessed without the sharing of any personal info aside from a first name and email, which can be pseudonymous.

“There is no location tracking, no data tracking and no invasive third-party analytics: users simply sign up with an email and an alias to start improving their Bitcin security immediately,” according to a press release.

In the release, Casa explained that the wallet is also seedless by default, meaning that users are not responsible for recording their own seed recovery phrases — the lists of words that are generated by bitcoin wallets and allow them to recover any funds stored on chain in case something happens to their wallets, typically recorded on pieces of paper by the users.

“The Casa Wallet is seedless, meaning users don’t have to worry about securing a paper seed phrase, which is one of the largest friction points for new Bitcoiners,” per the release. “Casa has created a new secure backup mechanism that stores an encrypted version of the key in the user’s cloud storage — but the decrypted key is only ever accessible on the user’s phone.”

With a flagship multisig wallet product designed by Bitcoin security advocate Jameson Lopp and a node product that allows users to achieve even more independence, Casa positions itself as one of the premium self-custody management providers in the Bitcoin space. This latest free and newbie-friendly offering may be an ideal onramp for those who are just entering Bitcoin but want to start their journey in a way that leads to ultimate sovereignty, security and privacy.

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