Where to buy CryptoZoo: ZOO jumps 109% as NFT games rise up


Wildlife-inspired NFT ecosystem CryptoZoo has more than doubled its price today, with renewed interest in NFTs sparking a rally CryptoZoo (ZOO) is turning heads with a 109% price surge today. The NFT-based project aligns with the cryptoverse’s current demand for collectables, such as in-game items, and greater interactivity with these tokens. The market is responding,…

HODL Waves: What We Can Learn From UTXO History


How the age of Bitcoin transactions can give us insight into the four-year halving cycles and the history of the blockchain.HODL Waves have been around for a few years but are still relatively new. They were first introduced in an article by Dhruv Bansal at Unchained Capital, a bitcoin-native financial services company. The interesting part…

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