Is Giving BCH Users a Way to Send Crypto Via Email

New service from lets users send Bitcoin Cash to anyone with an email — something Roger Ver believes this is no longer feasible with Bitcoin. introduced a new service that allows users to send any amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) via email.

Roger Ver: not possible with Bitcoin founder Roger Ver told Cointegraph that in his opinion, this service is unique in the sense that high fees make similar Bitcoin (BTC) services unrealistic. Ver also pointed out that the service is transnational and preserves user privacy:

“It doesn’t matter what nationality they are, what country they reside in, or anything else. If they can access email, they can access their Bitcoin Cash. never keeps a copy of the private key.”

Censorship resistant

In addition, if the intended recipient does not claim the funds within a specified period of time, the coins will be transferred back to the sender:

“We do keep a signed transaction to refund the BCH back to the sender after the specified number of days have elapsed. That way, if the recipient never claims their Bitcoin Cash, the sender will automatically get it back.”

As governments around the world are trying to exude more control over cryptocurrency transactions, this service may likely find a substantial user base within the space.

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