Bitcoin acting CRAZY, Libra coming soon? | This Week in Crypto – Nov 30, 2020


Bitcoin has had a crazy week. It started the week off by hitting $19,000 for the first time this year, but since Thanksgiving, the currency has shed $3,000 from its price.

Following the dip, popular crypto trading platform Coinbase, suffered a brief outage that affected both its exchange and its mobile app. The company appears to see problems whenever there are major changes in price. Coinbase also lost power in June following bitcoin’s third halving and subsequent spike to $10,000.

A new report suggests that Facebook’s cryptocurrency project, Libra, could be available as early as January of 2021. The project was first announced last year, but has encountered several issues that have delayed the asset’s release. Mark Zuckerberg has stated that Libra will be a cryptocurrency for the world, but the initial release will be just a single coin backed one-for-one by the US dollar.

New research shows that activities associated with Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin might have taken place in London. Diving into some of Nakamoto’s earlier public posts, including Bitcointalk publications, commits, and emails, the researchers compiled the most probable locations and timezones based on these activities and asserted Nakamoto lived in and worked on BTC from the UK.

Canadian crypto investment firm Cypherpunk has sold all its holdings in Ethereum, Monero and other altcoins to purchase more bitcoin. The enterprise added 73 more BTC, becoming the world’s ninth-largest public holder of the asset.

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That’s what’s happened this week in crypto. See you next week.

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