Acquisition of AiX Assets


Today I’m pleased to announce that has acquired the business of AiX, a company that has built an impressive, AI-powered negotiation and matching engine for institutional OTC traders. As we continue to expand our institutional offering, we’re excited to announce this acquisition and welcome the AiX team to

The AiX team brings deep engineering, trading, and operational expertise from some of the world’s most respected financial institutions, including JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. AiX CEO, Jos Evans spent 15 year trading and broking in derivatives markets. In fact, he previously launched and sold a brokerage, which was a pioneer in creating new commodity derivatives. AiX COO, Taylor Cable held a number of roles — including Senior Trader, Project Manager and Portfolio Manager — at Louis Bacon’s Moore Capital Management for over 15 years.

When we raised our Series C last month, I shared our vision to aggressively expand our products, grow our customer base, and to pursue M&A opportunities that bring new products and ideas into the company. Given that our Institutional Markets businesses are rapidly growing, it’s fitting that AiX join us to accelerate development of products and solutions for Institutions.

I’m looking forward to working with Jos, Taylor, and team to grow the business.

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