A Review of Blockchain.com in 2020


The road to 1B wallets

Blockchain.com will fight tirelessly to help build a financial system for the internet that empowers anyone in the world to control their money.

2020 has been a year for the history books. A global pandemic, economic crisis, and record setting quantitative easing (money printing!) has reminded us that the need for an independent financial system for the internet is greater than ever. So, we went back to our roots as a remote company and built products for you.

Here’s a look at the new and improved Blockchain.com Experience:

? Earn up to 5% annual interest on your crypto with Interest Accounts

⚡️ A lightning-fast Way to Buy Crypto

? A simple way to borrow against your crypto

? A better, faster, and more powerful mobile experience

? A new and improved web experience

? Airdrops like the Blockstack Stacks token (STX) which dropped to over 300,000 users

?? Trade with the Turkish Lira

? Trade XRP on the Exchange

? 24/7 Live Chat available to all Exchange customers

? Revamped the Exchange Trading API

? New and improved charts and data in the Blockchain.com Explorer

? Oh, and we have a new look — new logo, refreshed design, and improved UI

Blockchain.com by the numbers:

? Reached the milestone of 50M wallets created (and added nearly 2M wallets since)

? We saw over 150M page views on our website

? Blockchain.com Wallets made up over 30% of ALL bitcoin transactions this year to date

Read more about what we shipped and about our plans for The Next Era of Crypto.

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